I Always Had A Crush On Daddy’s Friend

When I was growing up, there were several friend’s of my mom and dad that I liked. But my daddy’s friend Jack was my all time favorite. He was several years younger than my father, but he’d an important position at my father’s firm. So he hung around a good deal. He was handsome and funny and I always liked him the most by far and as I got into my teen years. I started to think of my daddy’s friend in a bit naughtier way. I’d even masturbate as I fantasized about him coming over to talk to my father. And my father being out for the evening and inviting Jack in to talk and things went naughty from there.

When I knew he would be coming over for dinner or a party or something, I always made sure to flirt with him shamelessly. Which I guess is kind of bad if you are still a teen. But I couldn’t stop myself from coming on to daddy’s friend. I think he kind of liked it. Since I know I saw him pitch a tent in his pants a few times when I leaned extra close or touched his arm. But he never did anything inappropriate in return, even though I wanted him to.

As I Grew Up I Still Had A Crush On Him

I went off to college and didn’t really pay daddy’s friend much mind anymore. Except for the odd passing fond memory. But I went home recently for a week and my mom told me Jack had bought the house next door after his divorce. I snickered to myself as I went up to bed. That meant he was alone over there, and it was getting late. My parents went to bed and I slipped into something sexy and decided to go next door. I rang the bell and daddy’s friend came to the door wondering no doubt who’d be calling at this hour. And  he opened the door to see me standing there in my slinky lingerie.

He Looked Surprised To See Me

He looked surprised to see me, but I walked right past him. And said I’d been waiting for this for a long time and went to sit on the sofa. He got us some wine and sat next to me. He was semi blushing and said what a beautiful woman I’d grown into. And I boldly reached over and kissed him. He took no time in responding and reached over and touched my breast. Making my nipple hard as our tongues caressed one another.

daddy's friend for Casey

I asked which way to the bedroom and he led the way. He laid me on the bed and kissed me all over. Lingering on my pussy and said he’d wondered for years what I tasted like. He licked and he sucked on my clit driving me wild. He kissed me all over my body I was begging him t fuck me. Finally sliding his cock into me and fucking me like a stallion all night long. filling me with load after load of his cum. Until my pussy was stretched out and spent.

I loved the way he made love to me, so passionate. As if he too had been waiting all these years to finally have me. One would never have known we hadn’t seen one another in a few years. We came to being lovers easily. I’m glad I paid daddy’s friend a visit when I came home, it was a most wonderful reunion.

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