Seducing My Big Brother-Family Fun!

This is the Step Sister story of seducing her big brother-family fun. I always dreamed of fucking him. My dreams of  big brother-family fun finally came true. We were on a family vacation in Florida. It was so much fun. I got to wear a lot of tight short shorts with bikini tops. So I was out late one night for a prohibited swim in the hotel’s pool. Dunked my head underwater and when I came back up. I saw my brother staring at me through the window. I decided here was my chance. So I decide to swim to the edge of the pool and give him a show.

I untied my bikini and flung it across the pool. I splashed the water all over my tits and rubbed them. Pinched my nipples as he stared wide eyed. I continued I reached down to my bottoms and began to untie them I threw at the window. He kept staring so I continued to give him a show. I fondled my big beautiful breasts and shook my ass. Then I went back underneath the water and when I came up and looked at the window he was gone. Defeated I got out of the pool and grabbed my towel. I thought for sure he wanted me.

Turned my back and then I suddenly heard a voice say, “drop the towel!” I turned around and it was my big brother in his swimsuit.  Could see his cock was so hard. I listened and dropped my towel. He grabbed me and kissed me hard then he push me to my knees and said,  “suck it!” I greedily put his cock deep in my mouth. “MMmmm it tastes so good!” I said he laughs and says, “I can’t believe how good of a cock sucker you are lil sis.” I keep sucking as he moans louder and louder. He tells me to stand up. He pulls me toward a lounge chair. “Lay down,” he says. I comply.

He quickly begins to devour my pussy.

I clench my thighs around his head. “Oh my God!” I scream. I could feel my pussy tighten as orgasm was only seconds away. Guess he could tell because he grabbed my waist flipped me over and shoved his cock in my pussy. “Wow Baby Sis your pussy is so tight.” He began thrusting inside within minutes I squirted all over his cock. He laughs and says, “Wow sis I knew you were a slut but guess what big bro is going to keep fucking your little slut pussy until he is satisfied.” He grabbed my tits from behind and started slamming his cock into, I screamed because my little pussy was on the verge of squirting again.

He laughed, “Yes, that’s right my little slut sister. Squirt all over big brother’s cock. Cum my little slut sister Cum.” I came again legs shaking uncontrobally and he kept slamming his cock into “Fuck your so tight and wet. Do you want me to cum in that pussy?” I was moaning not listening. He grabbed my waist and began slamming into me harder. “Do you want me to cum in that pussy? Answer me!” I answer him by squirting again. He slammed harder then, seconds later I felt him spray a heavy load of hot cum in my pussy. “FUCK!” he screamed. Gasping for air he watched as his big load oozed out of my pussy.

He slaps my ass and, “Baby sis I’ve waited for the pussy for so long and it was worth the wait.” We both laughed and began searching for my bathing suit.

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