Get Seduced.  Really?  Even this old tale? We all know the story of how the Grinch Stole Christmas, but what you NEVER get to hear is the story that got all watered down just so KIDS could enjoy it every year as a Christmas story. Wahhh. My heart just breaks for the kiddies.  Don’t get me wrong…I LOVE kids (GULP), but I don’t actually HAVE any yet.  So I care more for the original debaucherous tale of lecherous fucking in the town now called, Whoville.  The story of How the Grinch Seduced Christmas. Wanna know how this tiny fuck-town REALLY got it’s name? TRUST me…it came from LOTS of blow jobs, swallowing of cum, deep anal plunging and of COURSE, good old pussy popping! Cum with me…time to set the record straight…AGAIN! You’re about to be…SEDUCED. Giggle.

So, we have already surmised from the famed tale, that on the top of the mountain surrounding the small hamlet below, there lived a vile being who held anger for the world! Why?  Maybe because his parents lived a lifestyle which subjected their “baby-boy” to lust filled nights with the other swingers on the mountain.  Maybe because he was, (all on his own) a pedo with wandering eyes right in his own family. What?  Don’t act like you don’t you don’t KNOW the old adage is true…Incest IS BEST! Haha

The town below, was originally named, SCREWVILLE. Yup. You HEARD ME.  Aptly named because ALL that went on there was the BIG SCREW. Moms and Dads, Brothers and Sisters…a regular little incest village, right down from the insect going on at the top of the mountain.  That is, until…that vile being I talked about before? Yeah.  Well, his name is Grinder Grinch…Again, aptly named because he was the purest of pervs…His thing was grinding people.  Man, woman, or child.  He just loved the grind. Thing was…NO ONE wanted him to grind his funky ass all over them. Can’t blame them.  He’s fur-covered and rarely bathes. Guess he thought that since he wasn’t getting the pussy, cock, or ass…why bother with the upkeep? LOL

He sat up there on that mountain, using his dildo collection to get himself off. And all he could hear from the land down below…NO! Not THAT land below! Giggle. Screwville!  All he could hear was the sounds of bareback fucking! Not that bullshit song from the tv show! What he did in response to those sounds of seduction, was to drive those dildos deep into his ass!  The next day, he’d step outside for some fresh air and feel the PAIN of the night before’s anal fucking. That only pissed him off MORE!

Fast forward to the days before Christmas…He decided to cum off that mountain and take everyone from the person they truly desired. Moms would be stripped of their son’s beautiful cocks, Dads would have to stop munching their little girl’s box…Mayhem would ensue.  No one was being seduced anymore. What would they all do with that LUST?

The Grinch decided to SaltPeter the town’s food supply, then TAKE all of their “goodies” for himself! He put sleeping pills into the water supply and made his way by sled to Screwville. He waited a day and then…TIME TO STRIKE! He descended the mountaintop and crept, like the lech he is, into each house. One-by-one, he sucked, swallowed and fucked everyone in town…even the mouse. Okay, just making sure you’re still with me there.  Who fucks mice? Besides OTHER mice? Haha

As he had fondled and was fucking the last tot, he felt his heart beginning to grow for these screw-happy people and their fuck-a-licious way of life.  He wouldn’t have stopped all the fuckery if they’d have just accepted him.  Well, that’s exactly what he got when Little Cindy-Lou Screw woke while he was plunging his tongue deep in her tiny, tight ass and looking into her precious little eyes. She moaned and ran her fingers through his hair. She looked him right in the ugly face.  She smelled the horrible stench that was him.  And yet, she smiled, moaned and arched her little back; forcing her ass further down his tongue.

He felt…LOVED. And from that day on, he found an acceptance he’d never before known. He bathed and got a trim for his little Cindy-Lou.  NO! Not that kind of trim (although he DID get that too!)! Fresh! Haha.

If YOU need to get your Grinch on…Call me. I’ll make you feel every inch of my tiny, tight ass sliding along your tongue….And just like the story says…EAT ME, I’M GOOD FOR YOU! Kisses!

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