How I handled my first online hookup

What am I doing out here in the middle of the night with a stranger? Every slasher film I have ever seen is rushing through my head. I remember the blood, the gore. Was this my last ever hookup? All I can think is no matter what I can’t fuck you. I can’t fuck you, I don’t want to be the girl in the who shags the guy and is the first one to die.  So I can’t fuck you. But if I can’t bang you, then why am I here?

Why was I cruising the chat rooms in the middle of the night, why did I meet you at that bar, why did I get in the car, Why are we here?

I think you can tell is in the country that makes me nervous. Then again I could just be nervous about this potentially deadly hookup. Every time you touch me I jump. I shouldn’t be here, I’m a good girl after all. But you are sex on legs. Wet from the moment I laid eyes on you, I had to have you, needed to feel you near me, in me. We’ve stopped at the sight of an old ruin. Its massive pillars foreboding rising out of the gloom. Standing in front of the car you lean over to kiss me.

Lips warm and moist as my tongue slides into your mouth and behind your teeth hungrily searching for its partner.

I find it and suck your tongue into my mouth causing you to bite my lower lip. It’s the tiniest twinge of pain, but it is electric. Any fears I had about being here are drifting away.

We walk over to one of the stone pillars. Pushing me against the pillar we kiss again. It’s a greedy kiss, a desperate kiss like it is the first and last kiss of a lifetime. I can’t help but explore your body as you work your way down to my neck biting and sucking like a starving vampire. I love the way your teeth feel sinking into my flesh and it makes me moan in delight. The pressure makes me dig my nails into your shoulder.

I feel you stiffen against me. Your cock throbbing and aching to escape, but not yet. It’s too soon we have to let the anticipation build. Lips parting long enough to get my blouse over my head and for you to find my tits. My nipples are hard, begging to be sucked, pulled and used. Your teeth find my right nipple and bite down. Another wave of pleasure and pain sweeps over me as I pull you closer to me. Grinding against you.

I want you to feel the heat of my pussy against you, to make you want me.

What starts as gentle unbuttoning in my head turns into savage clawing ripping the button from your shirt. There you are in all your glory; the closest thing to human perfection that I have seen. Broad shoulders, smooth alabaster skin, and fantastic abs leading to hard throbbing cock. You have a freckle just above your waist. It’s your only flaw and I seize upon it. Dropping to my knees kissing it ravenously. Licking the spot and undoing your pants.

I have to admit now the freckle was just an excuse to get to your cock. You’re hard and perfect as I slide you into my mouth. Grabbing my hair to guide me as my tongue slides up and down your shaft. I love the feel of your thrusting into my mouth. Your hands in my hair fucking my face, making me gag. I don’t think I’m a good girl anymore. Not after tonight. But I don’t think I care right now, will deal with that in the morning. I run my nails up the backs of your smooth muscular thighs, working up to your perfectly round ass.

Shove it deeper down my throat, tonight I want to choke on cock.

I should be upset about being brought to my feet by my hair. It’s such a disrespectful caveman move. But in the context of tonight, it’s a total turn-on. Pushing me against the stone pillar, sucking my neck as reaching under my skirt, and ripping my panties off. Again I should be upset, but turnabout is only fair play. After all, I did ruin your shirt. Your finger is in my pussy. A wonderful teaser to the main event. First one finger, now two.

The thumb working the love button is better known as the clit. My legs spread without hesitation. I need you to taste me and push your head down under my skirt. Fingers and tongue working in unison on my pussy I tip my hips forward, I need you to have full access to me. I need more I want more. Looking up at me your face is shiny with my juices and I feel a point of pride knowing that I did that. Grabbing me by the waist, pressing me against the cold wall and hoisting me onto your hard waiting, throbbing cock.

Jesus fuck, I feel like I’m being split in two. I don’t know if my body can take all of you at first.

But I relax knowing that millions of women push babies out of this very spot. There is nothing you can do to hurt me, so bring on the man meat! Slowly you continue to push into me. The sound of hard cock pushing into wet pussy is funny and delicious. Producing a hybrid sound of moaning laughter. Speeding up and slowing down we fuck long and hard into the night. Bending me over and spanking my ass.

The sound of your hand against my bare bottom sounds like a thunderclap in the calm of the night. I can feel it coming, the sweet release of orgasm. My pussy sends sweet pleasure juice down your cock and down your balls. My orgasm makes you throb. Now it’s time to see how long you can hold out. I tighten my pussy around you. I feel you getting ready to explode. Shooting off like some ancient geyser. The culmination of a job well done by all involved.

It’s time to go home now. Well at least back to the bar. I’m not a good girl anymore. But I don’t think I care. After all the good die young and lead boring lives. The bad may die younger, but we have better stories.

Phone Sex Kingdom Nicole Burke