I Love To Seduce A Virgin

Sometimes weird things happen and there is nothing we can do but go with it. Even when I know better than to seduce a virgin, but I still love to do it.

I am a very sexually active girl. Anyone will tell you. I mean I do phone sex for a living and I love every second of it! My pussy and hornyness tends to get me into all kinds of trouble…or fun…depends on how you look at it. None the less I have has so many sexual adventures in my lifetime. I feel very lucky to have them. I love to share my body with everyone. Life is too short to sit around with my legs crossed.

Sometimes sex comes to easy for me. There is sometimes a downfall to it. I get men completely obsessed with me. To the point they will show up to my house begging for my pussy. But I still love it. I still give them what they want. I went out about a month ago and have been trying to tell this super sweet guy, that it was only a one night thing.

He is just not getting it. No matter what I do I cant seem to shake him. I found out that I took his virginity. The only thing I could say was, “FUCK!” If you have ever done that you know how obsessed they get. The sex was okay. It was not great. A guy who I could make my little bitch.

Virgins get way too attached.

This guy takes the cake. I guess when I was still asleep he went to the store and made a key to my place. Because when I got home from running errands he was on my bed, butt ass naked. Stalker status. But of course, I fucked him. What else was I to do. I rocked his world. Then after I fucked him silly I found the key. It was attached to his key ring like we were dating.

It took me a while to force him to get the hint. I am still actually working on a really fun sexual way to scare him off. Guys, I would love some fun ideas! What would you like me to do with him? He is my little slave! Let’s fuck him over! I want to be his kinky mistress! This virgin is about to learn what it means to get involved with me.

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