You have a secret sissy fetish, don’t you?

Are you ready to admit that deep secret sissy fetish inside of you? You think you hide it so well from everyone but you don’t fool me. I can spot a sissy from miles away and we spend so much time together. You are married to my sister after all. Don’t worry, I won’t let her in on your dirty little secret. Wouldn’t you enjoy having me lead you along the way and give you pointers? We have been best friends for so long that it only makes sense. I’ve seen the way that you gaze longingly at my dresses.

There is no way that your secret sissy fetish is going to stay buried much longer. It’s only a matter of time before it bursts right to the surface on full display. I wouldn’t want you to find yourself unprepared, just grabbing the first random thing that you find on the rack. I’ve had a whole lifetime of experience in being a woman and having heads turn as I walk past. As my friend, I want you to benefit from the wisdom of my experience. There is such a big difference after all between a passable sissy and one that is so obviously, fall over laughing at the sight-a man.

Why don’t you tell my sister that you have a weekend business trip? That way we’ll have a couple of days to have a spa getaway and transform you from head to toe. First things first, all of that body hair has got to go. I don’t care how expensive the dress you have on, if your hairy legs are sticking out of the bottom it’s not going to be attractive. The only question is to wax or to shave?

Brace yourself, it’s time for your first full body wax.

You know what they say, no pain no gain. Beauty like mine doesn’t come easy, and since you weren’t born a woman you’re going to have to work that much harder. First, you need to learn how to walk like a woman and swish those hips. Wriggle that ass and learn how to work those heels. Moisturizer is going to be your new best friend if you want to have skin even remotely as soft and silky as mine is. Next, I’m going to give you some lessons in applying makeup. I’ll teach you how to accentuate your best features and downplay your least favorite.

You secret sissy fetish has had you lusting over that cock sucking red lipstick, hasn’t it? Don’t worry we’ll get to that when the time is right. That will be the finishing touch before we start working on your clothes. First, we’re going to start with your lingerie and work your way outward. Now it’s time for a shopping trip to Victoria’s Secret. We are going to make it obvious to the sales girls just who and what we are shopping for too. I think that pink is one of the best colors on a sissy. It’s just so very feminine don’t you agree?

Merely asking the salesgirl’s opinion isn’t good enough. You’re going to put on a little fashion show for her and everyone else in the store. Now’s the time to strut your stuff like a good little sissy bitch. Shake that ass and see if you can get those heads to turn your way. It’s partly about the clothes but a big part of it is also all about the attitude.

Now it’s time to learn about all of the other things that come with being a woman.

I have the perfect hot black stud that you can practice on. He’s more than willing to let you service him. Get down on those knees and open wide sissy. It’s time to smear that red cock sucking lipstick all over that shaft and get him rock hard. Don’t stop sucking until you get him to explode and drain those balls down the back of your throat. Keep practicing slut and before long you’ll be able to get him hard again after you blow him. Finally, it’s time for you to lay on your back and put those heels up in the air. It’s time for you to get that anal sex cherry popped.

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