My secret sissy boyfriend!

I’m often asked whether I prefer American men or British men.  I’d probably have to say American men because my British accent has a novelty value in the US.  American men pay me far more attention! Whenever I’m in the States I get constant propositions from horny American guys and I’m usually more than happy to let them spoil me. I dated one guy, who turned out to be my secret sissy boyfriend!

Sometimes, like all men, American men need a firm hand. Respect and proper boundaries are important in any relationship and discipline has to be maintained – or even enforced. Let me tell you about this former boyfriend in New York. I won’t mention his name, but I know he’s reading this, and he knows who he is!

My secret sissy boyfriend didn’t expect me home so early…

My evening yoga class was unexpectedly cancelled and I came home early. I planned to relax with a hot bath and then a long slow session with my vibrator. That’s my concept of ‘me time’. I was a little bit irritated to discover that my boyfriend was also home early. When I saw the panic-stricken wretch standing in front of the bedroom mirror wearing my silk cami and knickers, I was furious.

His stuttering excuse that he wanted to buy me some new lingerie as a present, and was “trying to figure out the correct US size” pushed me over the edge. I strode up to my secret sissy boyfriend and slapped him hard across his face. Grabbing a handful of hair, I forced him to his knees and ordered him to lick my shoes. I’d met his type before, I was just surprised – and annoyed – that it had taken me so long to figure him out.

Once he’d thoroughly polished my shoes with his tongue, and taken the shiny toes and stiletto heels deep in his mouth, I ordered him to his feet. Grabbing him by the nipple, I dragged him over to my dressing table. Five minutes (and several hard slaps) later he wore a layer of garishly applied lipstick, blusher, mascara and eyeshadow. He looked like a cheap transvestite slut who gives out $10 blowjobs in a back alley.

When you break in a sissy, you need to own them completely.

I made him adopt various humiliating poses while I took picture after picture with his cell phone. With a sudden burst of inspiration, I ordered him to open the bedroom curtains, certain that the neighbours in the opposite building would witness his full and final humiliation. My secret sissy boyfriend begged me not to, so I took a black leather belt from my wardrobe and began to beat him.

I chased him across the room, lashing his silk-clad arse with the belt. The fumbling worm couldn’t get the curtains open fast enough. Then he stood there, head bowed, knowing that any neighbour who glanced out of their window would see him. Reaching under my pillow I found my vibrator. Standing just out of view from the window, I ordered my slave onto the bed. I positioned him on his hands and knees with his arse in the air.

I tossed the vibrator, a condom and a tube of KY jelly onto the bed next to him

The deal was a simple one; either he’d put the vibrator in his arse and wank himself off, or I’d start sending the photos to everybody in his contacts list. The pathetic little bitch had to obey. Even with the lube, it took him a while to work the vibrator into his arse. I mocked and abused him as I filmed him squirming and tossing off on the bed.

As he became more aroused and jerked his cock harder, he began to moan. Then I ordered my secret sissy boyfriend to stop, led him to the bathroom, and forced him under a cold shower.

Mistress Emily ALWAYS cums first…

Even if you’re not a secret sissy, you may still like me treating you like my bitch… call your favourite English girl the most amazing phone sex