Secret Sissy Boy Friend

I was staying over at my boyfriend’s, and his roommate was there as well. I always thought he looked a bit different, just something about him. Then I realized he was wearing a bit of makeup. I mentioned this to my boyfriend and he laughed and said yes, his roommate was a sissy and he’d seen him dressed up like a woman before. The roommate didn’t know he knew, but he’d come home early once and saw his roommate in full makeup, a wig, and a dress through the bedroom door is open a bit. As soon as his roommate heard him come home early, he closed his door. Little did I know he was a secret sissy boy.

He didn’t say anything as he thought it would just cause trouble and the guy was a good roommate in every other way. Quiet, never caused trouble, was neat, so he let it slide. He said he acted more like a woman than a man, the way he moved and laughed and all. He hadn’t mentioned it to me because he was a bit uncomfortable about the whole thing. One night my boyfriend was out of town and I went over and talked to his roommate and he answered the door dressed up like a woman, I was a bit surprised, but not unprepared for it.

I said it was ok, I didn’t care and would he like any advice or beauty tips and we actually gave each other facials and did each other’s nails while watching chick flicks!

I never did mention it to my boyfriend, he wouldn’t understand and it might make for weirdness between him and the roommate. So now I have a secret sissy boy friend. We’ve gone to the salon together and out for brunch. Sometimes he’s gone dressed up, others not. He asked me for some blow job tips and I gave them to him, he’s looking for a boyfriend himself.

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