Secret Panty Fetish Of My Pool Boy & How I Blackmail Him

Who knew this would be the summer when I would find out our pool boy had a secret panty fetish and I used it to blackmail him in Adult Chat! I live in Florida in a pretty upscale, quiet, suburban neighborhood.  My friends & I go to each other’s houses & spend our days lounging around the pool.  We dance, girl talk & read magazines, paint our nails & toes, drink, & just have a great time.  Over the past several weeks I noticed several pairs of my panties missing. I didn’t really think much about it, assuming I left them at friend’s houses.

The next event was at my house. One of my friends asked if any of us found her black thongs.  Several other girls began chiming in saying they were also missing panties! We agreed to double check our houses for them & then moved on.  I, however, was starting to suspect something more was going on.  Later our pool boy, Javi, asked if he could have a drink later.

This is my chance to test my theory! I excuse myself from my friends & quietly follow him inside.  He gets his drink & he looks around before making his way to the bedroom where we changed earlier.  “Aha! I knew it” I thought triumphantly as I watch Javi pocket a pair of panties! Javi has a secret panty fetish.  Keeping this knowledge secret, I decided to figure out how to use it to my advantage in the future.

A few days later I make my move.  After driving to Javi’s house I ring the doorbell but no one answers.  I walk around the house to see if anyone is out back or if there’s a door open so I could get proof of him stealing our panties.  As I approach the back patio the sliding doors are open & there is moaning coming from within. Creeping closer to get a better look, I see Javi! He’s on a phone sex call & using my panties to masturbate.  

Now I Can Use His Secret Panty Fetish For Blackmail

Quickly I get out my phone & record his secret panty fetish for blackmail. I watch as Javi completes his call & then clear my throat. Javi jerks upright & tries to shove my panties behind his back. Pointing at my phone, I tell him it’s too late. I have all the proof I need & unless he wants the entire neighborhood to know, he will do whatever I tell him.  He immediately begins begging & apologizing & saying how badly he needs this job.  I just hold up my finger, tell him I’ll be in touch, & simply walked away.

The next week Javi shows up at my house to clean the pool.  When I answer the door he tries apologizing & begging me not to tell his secret.  I remove my hand from behind my back & dangling from my finger is a hot pink thong with tiny satin black bows at each hip.  I tell Javi to take everything off & to wear the thong. He is to meet me by the pool in 5 minutes. He is mortified & doesn’t want to.

I show him the video already queued to send to all of my friends exposing his secret panty fetish & tell him he has no choice.  He can either do as I say or I will tell everyone about his panty fetish.  Javi begins to strip & I walk outside to sit by the pool where I drink a glass of wine while waiting for his arrival. A few minutes later he appears wearing nothing but my thong.

Javi Is Mine Now & Will Do Whatever I Say

I motion for Javi to go about his weekly pool duties while I sit watching & giggling.  He fetches my drinks & applies my sunscreen. Javi does everything I tell him to do while wearing my ridiculous pink thong that just barely covers his cock.  I continue to take pics documenting his secret panty fetish.  He calls me Miss Kassidy.  When he is done with his duties, I have him kneel before me. I grab him by the hair & shove his head between my thighs. When he tries to touch me I smack his hands away & have him hold them together behind his back.  

I then lean back & instruct him to remove my bikini bottoms using only his teeth. Only then is Javi allowed to taste me using just his tongue. I hold my pussy lips open as he trails his tongue all around my pretty pink pussy. He begins to tongue fuck me & lick along my pussy to my clit.  When I finally cum, I pat him on the head, tell him good boy, & send him home.

A few days later I text Javi that I need more work done.  He arrives & I have him strip & put on a thong. I have him mow my yard, trim my hedges, & do other various yard work.  When he’s done I have him service me again before I send him home. This continues several times a week for the rest of the summer.

All Good Panty Boys Deserve A Reward

On Javi’s last visit I have him clean the pool & power wash the patio & deck.  When he’s done, I tell him he was such a good boy all summer & he deserves a treat. Leaving him in the living room I go into my room & get a few supplies. I’m wearing a strapon whenever I return a few minutes later.  There is fear in his eyes & I whisper everything will be okay.  I then show Javi the other toys I brought with me. Slipping a cock ring around his cock, I put a blindfold on him & tie him to the post in the middle of my living room.  I slowly lower the red thong Javi is wearing & tie it around his balls.

I then apply lube to my fingers & press them into his tight little asshole. After a few minutes of stretching his opening, I add more lube to my strapon & begin to press it into him slowly until it’s all the way inside him.  Slowly I work myself out until just the tip remains inside him before slowly pushing back in.

I began to pick up the pace & after a few moments I lift on my tiptoes so the tip of my strapon would rub against Javi’s prostate with each thrust. I reach around him & untie the thong as I continually pick up my pace.  Pressing harder & harder along his prostate, I force Javi to orgasm without ever touching his cock & release him.  I then delete video & pics of his secret panty fetish & send him on his way.

Javi still calls me begging to continue to be my little panty boy & for me to use & abuse him however I want.  I have a new interest though… perhaps I’ll give him to a friend to play with.

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