Secret obsession with her gets me hot.

I’ve always had a secret obsession with my son’s girlfriend. And after months of lusting, it had to be addressed.  A gorgeous body with full breasts, pouty lips and nice round ass, I wanted it. After dinner that night, things would never be the same. The moistness in between my legs only meant one thing I wanted to fuck my secret obsession.

We both could feel the attraction. It was there, undeniably.  My son in a million years would never guess that he’d catch his girlfriend and I lip locked and pussy grinding on his bed.  Closing my eyes, I can still smell her perfume and taste of her honey that dripped from her twat.  That old saying one touch always leads to another, I now know is true.

The clink of our wine glasses, the lust in both of our eyes; at that moment nothing could be stopped. She volunteered to help me clear the table and I volunteered to show her the upstairs in our house. I’m not going to lie, Roxy knew exactly what Roxy was doing.  And what better place to pop her cherry, than on the bed of the man she was dating, my son.

It’s Time To Play

She looked so delectable standing against the wall with her legs spread. And just like a lioness on the prowl, she knew Roxy was after a meal. This little bitch had me more turned on than I ever have been before. For a fleeting moment, I wondered what my son would think, but it only lasted for a second.

My tongue traveled up that neck, her pulse racing. Our lips touched and my hand made its way up that skirt. Fingers slid down inside her satin panties and my teeth found her nipple. She purred like a kitten as I whispered into her ear all the kinky things Roxy wanted to do to her. Pushing her shoulders down, that mouth found my sweet spot.

Both of us face deep in pussy, the door opened. Looking up long enough to see my son standing there, but that didn’t stop us. I saw that look on his face. He uttered those words I’ll never forget. Can you guess what he said? Come play with the naughty housewife and I’ll tell you all about it!

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