Secret Halloween Lovers Give Me More than I Expected

Halloween is a favorite in my house. Of course, my husband and I have gotten some extra benefits from a few couples in our neighborhood that make dressing up extra fun.  And, this year was extra special because the six of us got an invitation to the hottest party in town.  A certain well-connected celebrity lives nearby, and the word on the town is that a party at his house includes some extra hot and yummy erotic games so that every guest leaves with a smile on their face.  And, add to that some secret Halloween lovers’ fun, and you have a recipe guaranteed to give everyone the pleasure they desire and more.

Let’s Be Secret Halloween Lovers

I decided to wear my very sexy and naughty nurse costume.  My friend Alice was wearing scrubs because we thought it would be fun to have a doctor in the house as well.  Like I said before, we had a group on the block that would all take turns hosting some very sexy get-togethers that got everyone swinging. Our other friends were dressed as erotically as us.  And, of course, our husbands were wearing typical generic clothing, intending to add a mask that completes their costumes.  We decided that it would be fun for both the men and women to wear the same masks.

Alice and I picked up our other two girlfriends in a limo.  The guys were gathering at a local bar and would meet us later at the party.  Once everyone was in the limo, I handed them matching masks.  All the ladies giggled at the thought of wearing the same masks.  The guys were doing the same when they showed up.  Of course, unbeknownst to us, the guys ordered extra masks and decided to hand them out to a few other party-goers that were meeting them at the bar as well.  And, that is what made me a very willing participant in the secret Halloween lovers’ party.

On the way to the party, we got extra happy with a few cocktails that included an extra twist that made us extra horny.  Once we arrived at the party, we were already feeling the effects of our extra special “cocktails.”  It was time for secret Halloween lovers to meet.

Secret Phone Sex is Closer than You Think

As we entered the mansion, we smiled at what we saw.  Looking around the room was like looking at several different types of porn.  The gorgeous host told us we could observe or participate in any of the evening activities.   And, judging by what we could see in the entryway, it meant essentially anything goes sexually and otherwise.

Alice leaned over and whispered, “I’m so fucking wet, and I can’t wait to get fucked.”  I nodded in agreement as we went one way, and our friends went the other.

After making one sweep of the house, we decided to give our dripping wet pussies what they were craving.  And, we saw the familiar masks that our husbands were wearing we knew exactly where to start. Walking toward the two, we were surprised when they appeared to ignore us.  They were watching two women giving very loud and wet blowjobs.   Alice leaned forward and whispered in one of the gentleman’s ears, “Peter, I want you inside of me now.”  All I could hear was his loud gasp.  Of course, Alice didn’t know that this was just the first of many secret Halloween lovers.

Are You Ready to Be My Lover?

Alice grabbed Peter’s hand as she proclaimed, “As you know, I can do better than that.”   I smiled as I grabbed my husband, Dick, by his shirt and followed.  Rounding the corner, we found an empty bed.  Alice and I smiled at each other as we pushed our men down.  Then, as we knelt and slid their zippers down we smiled at each other.  Of course, Alice and I were feeling the full effects of our cocktails from the limo.  We were extra horny.

I could hear Alice say to Peter that his cock looked different in this light.  As I pulled my mouth off my husband’s cock, I couldn’t help thinking that it looked different as well.  As I slid my mouth down and heard his groans, I thought to myself that his cock felt bigger and tasted better than ever before.

Peter and Dick seemed to move in unison as they pulled Alice and me off their cocks.  The men pushed us back onto the bed as they ripped our panties.  Then they slammed their hard cocks into our pussies as we screamed, and orgasms exploded in our bodies.  Secret Halloween lovers are the best.

As Alice and I came out of the bathroom, we saw those familiar masked men move towards us.  As Peter and Dick reached us, they said, “Sorry we were late, but this party looks fun.  We can’t wait to get started.  Let’s go party!”  We gasped as we realized we had been secret Halloween lovers and, hadn’t even realized it.  No wonder those cocks tasted so much bigger and better.  Alice and I chuckled at being cuckold sex sluts!

Wanna Be Secret Halloween Lovers?