Tonight’s the perfect chance to make all of our secret father-daughter playtime fantasies “CUM” true!

Secret father-daughter playtime stories like this one make your naughty little Angel cream her cute pink cotton panties. Why? Exploring our hot incest desires together is always the best family fun ever!

After all, it’s a special time that only you and I can share. Seriously, it’s the perfect opportunity, no mommies allowed! Remember when Mommy went away on that long trip? Of course, you decided it was the perfect time to show your baby girl how to treat you just right.

Curling a strong arm around my young shoulders as you look at me lovingly, you say:

“Sweetheart, it’s time Daddy taught you all about the birds and the bees.”

“Birds and bees, Daddy? Yay, are we going to the park to see them?” I chirp happily. I was thrilled! The park is so fun, especially when Daddy takes me there. How exciting!

You chuckle softly as you lightly caress my glossy blond braids. “Since I’m your Daddy, it’s my job to teach you everything. However, we’re not going to the park today because the best place to learn is right here in your bedroom. You like learning new things, don’t you?”

Oh yes, this was a dream come true. After all, I’ve always wanted to be Daddy’s naughty girl! As I watch with avid curiosity, you unhurriedly unbuckle your belt and unzip your pants. First, you tell me to reach inside your boxer briefs. Ooooh, what’s in there, Daddy? Little do I realize, but I’m about to find out! Next, you direct me to pull out your thick, hard cock. Because my hands are so tiny, it takes both of them to complete the task.

Blue eyes round with curiosity about our secret daddy daughter playtime, I ask “Ohhhh Daddy, are we gonna play a game?!”

“Yes, kitten. Look at Daddy’s penis. See how it shivers when you touch it? That means it’s very happy to see you. Stroke it up and down, that’s my good girl.”

I eagerly obey, watching in a mixture of fascination and just a little nervousness as your cock swells. As it quickly turns a dusky shade of reddish-purple, I ask “Daddy, does that hurt?” You laugh a little as you shift to a more comfortable position. “A little, baby. Want to kiss it all better?”

As I shyly watch the glistening bead of moisture seep from your tip, I lick my lips. Nevertheless, I don’t let nervousness stop me. After all, I want you to be proud of your good girl! Furthermore, my mouth starts to water. Watching me closely, you’ve noticed I can’t seem to stop staring at your swollen cockhead.

With an inviting smile, you gently encourage me to move closer. As I lean over until my lips are just inches away, my warm breath caresses your big Daddy boner. Incredibly, your erection seems to be growing larger by the second! I don’t know why, but suddenly I have this urge to …

“Can I taste it, Daddy?”

“Of course you can, Princess!” you murmur huskily. Gradually, your voice takes on a tone that I’ve never heard before. I don’t know what it means, but it makes my tummy all warm and tingly as he continues. “I want you to rub Daddy’s cock up and down between your little hands, then take a long lick like it’s your favorite ice cream cone!”

Of course, I eagerly do just that, making you shudder with pleasure. Meanwhile, you find yourself unable to look away from the sight of your precum sliding over my moist pink tongue.

As I lick you with lavish, sweet strokes up your silken, hard shaft, then over your engorged, throbbing crown, you groan my name repeatedly. Before long, you feel your nut sack draw up hard and tight. Soon, you’ll shoot a big, milky load into the hungry, waiting mouth of your little jailbait sweetheart.

My slick, rosy lips engulf your cockhead as I mumble: “Mmm Daddy, you…” ~slurp~ “taste better…” ~lick~ “than cherry vanilla…” ~suckle~ “ice creammm!”

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