Do you want to hear a secret? Come closer and I’ll whisper it into your ear. I have this filthy fantasy where I get kidnapped and raped. And if you keep listening, I’ll tell you every deviant detail. Ready? So it starts like this…

My eyes shoot open as I wake up in a dimly lit room. I think it’s a garage, no, it’s a warehouse. I try to fight the urge to panic. I’m scared. Where am I and what am I doing here? My head throbs and my memory is sort of hazy. The last thing I remember is walking home alone after seeing the latest horror movie in the theaters.

I am tied with a rough rope to a chair and my mouth is gagged. My tits are bound with electrical tape and my legs are spread open tied to the legs of the chair. A shiver as I fear of whose been looking at me, maybe even worse, touching me.  I keep telling myself not to panic. Shit! I’m panicking. I try to scream, but all I get is a gurgled cry and I start choking on my own spit.

Then I hear a voice. “Look who’s awake.”

I know that voice! I look up to see my my friend walk into the room, his cock in his hand. He had asked me out earlier on a date, but I told him I preferred our friendship and din’t want anything to ruin it. He was upset, I could see the hurt in his eyes. But this…I didn’t realize just how badly me turning him down had upset him. Or what his twisted mind had decided to do about it.

He stroked his cock slowly as he walked over to me, and I couldn’t help but stare. He could be such an arrogant dip shit asshole sometimes, but I had…more than once…dreamed what it would be like to have him gag me with his cock, fuck me hard in my bed, spank me as he bent me over my kitchen table.

Fuck. I was wet already. I shouldn’t be wet, I thought as he walked over to me, cock in hand. I should be frightened.

“Let me see that pussy, sweetheart.” I ignore his stare, but I can’t close my legs. Despite being extremely attracted to my captor, I was not going to give him the satisfaction of knowing that. “What, now your pussy is shy? It was so welcoming just a few hours ago when my fingers were deep inside you,” he said with a evil smile. God…he did violate me when I was still passed out.  He kneels in and whispers in my ear. “You will learn to love to me if you ever want to get out of here.” I meet his stare in a panic. He isn’t planning on letting me go any time soon, if at all. So how much should I struggle…and how much should I just let him have his way so I could get out sooner…or at all…

Dean grabs a handful of my hair and pulls my head back and places a kiss on the gag. He tweaks one of my nipples, making me squeal into the gag.

“Your arms must be getting awful sore tied like that, huh, sweeatheart?” he coos into my ear from behind, one hand cupping my tit as the other plays with my hair. “Do you think you could be a good girl if I untied you?”

I nod. If he unties me, maybe I can…

“Just in case you’re thinking about running away, let me tell you where you are right now. No secrets among friends, right?” He snickers. “We’re at my uncle’s warehouses. You know, the one that he bought all those years ago and did nothing with? There’s nobody around here for miles except for the gators in the lakes and the bears in the woods. So good luck getting very far unless you want to be animal food.” He pinches my tit hard and laughs. “Come now, my pretty little whore…I want to have some fun with your body.”