So what happens when I awake in my secret fantasy…

When I awake a few hours later, my gag is gone from my mouth. I try to scream, but all that passes from my lips is a hoarse groan. My foot kicks something and I look down to see a dog bowl on the floor filled with water. FUCK YOU! passes from my mouth. The last thing I want to do is drink water from a bowl like a fucking animal. Even though I was dehydrated I still had my dignity. Then I hear the door bang open. “My little puppy slut.”

“Fuck you!” I manage to moan, looking him in the eye as I pull my head up.

“You kiss your mama with that mouth?” I don’t give him the satisfaction of a reply. “You think you can behave better today?” How long have I been here? I stared at the floor. “Okay, well if you’re going to be a bitch about things…” He unties me from my seat, but before I can escape, he has my wrists bound behind my back again. He pushes me to a few boxes in the  corner of the room and I fall on them to my knees, my face against the concrete floor below me. I hear his pants unzip as I struggle to sit up, but he holds me down. “Bitches get fucked like they deserve. You’re a bitch in heat, so that’s how I’m going to treat you. I have to hurry cause I have my fantasy football tonight bitch.”

“Fuck y-” Before I can finish, I am crying out, his thick cock balls deep inside me, already rock hard. He grabs the ropes tying my arms together and pulls me up, my breast swaying hard as he fucked the shit out of my pussy .They are still sticky from the night before’s fantasy, his cum dried across them.

“Shut up and make me cum.” I scream as he fucks me fast and hard, half because I hope someone will hear me and half because it actually feels extremely good. In less than a minute, he is plunging deep into me. I think about all of those times I snuck to the bathroom to masturbate after a heated argument with him over the phone. In my fantasy, he had been good…but being tied, being forced…God, am I really going to cum again? He pulls out of my pussy and presses against my asshole. “Tell me that you want it.”

“Fuck you, you bastard.” He smacks my ass hard and bends down to reach around my throat. His hard cock throbs against me as he pulls me close to him and speaks in a growl. “Tell me the truth, you fucking whore. Tell me how much you want me to fuck your dirty asshole.” I gulp, feeling his fingers close around my throat. “NOW!” He whispers harshly into my ear. The head of his cock, pushing into me, not caring that I am trying to resist, trying to clench, trying to keep him out. “You want my dick deep in your ass, don’t you?” I try to catch my breath, my heart pounding as he chokes me, “Yes.”

“Say it LOUDER!” he says, releasing his grip slightly.


The tip of his cock is in me, and I bite my lip to stop from screaming. “Yes, WHAT?”

I hesitate, and his grip around my neck tightens again. “Yes, I want  you to fuck my ass!” I spit the words like venom.

“Good, because that’s what I’m going to do whether you like it or not,” He says, pushing deeper in me, and beginning to thrust. “In fact, your ass it the perfect place for my cum.” He only thrusts a few more times before I feel him burst in me, shooting cum deep in my ass. I try to cry out, but he is strangling me, and it is all I could do to gasp for air. He releases my neck as he finishes cumming and I my face hits the concrete hard. I gulp at the air. He pulls out of me, but replaces his cock with a fat anal plug that makes me involuntarily scream as he shoves it in.

“I had that made especially for you,” he says, smacking my ass. “It’s the same length as my cock, so I know you like it.” He pulls me to my feet. “And that way you can keep my cum deep in your dirty fucking cum dumpster of an asshole as we go on a little field trip.”