So where did we leave off in my secret fantasy? Oh yeah! I remember…

After about an hour, my tits and pussy are aching from the abuse he has given them. I’m still tied to the chair, hands behind my back, both legs wide open leaving my pussy exposed, and a gag wrapped around my face. He has tied my tits even tighter with the black electrical tape and I have tears streaming down my face. His fingers graze against my nipples every time he wraps more tape around my tits. He stops for only a moment to stroke his cock some more and rubs my cheek with it. I turn my face and start crying harder. “Come now,” slapping my tits so hard that I cry out, “Look at how perky your tits are. You know you’re turned on by my big dick in your face.” He walks in front of me and bends down and places his lips right up to my pussy and takes a long lick. “And you are definitely wet from all this abuse.”

He then stands up and grabs a thin stick off the table and starts caning my tits with them. I can hear the sound of the stick hitting my skin, causing the skin to turn purple and bruise up. My muffle screams are held back with the gag and my cheeks are stained with my tears. Over and over he canes my tits until the skin breaks open and I blood trickles down my body. A smile crawls across his lips. He puts the cane back down on the table and comes back with a knife. I’m terrified at whet he’s about to do, but he slices the rope and drags me down to the floor. He ties my arms over my head to a pole and straddles me. He positions his cock, just barely in me, tracing a finger from my belly button to my clit. “You know you want it. Don’t you want me to fuck you, sweetheart?”

I refused to meet his gaze, instead closing my eyes and trying to to imagine myself someplace else, to hopefully will my pussy not to get any wetter and give him the satisfaction of knowing how turned on I was getting.

“Come on now, open your eyes, my pet, or you will regret it.” He reaches up and grabs one of nipples between two fingers, pinching harder and harder until I open my eyes. Tears slip out of the corner of my eye and run down my face as I angrily meet his stare. “If looks could kill,” he says with a chuckle, giving my nipple one final, hard pinch. “Well, I guess if looks could kill, I wouldn’t be here doing this…” He then thrusts into me, his hard cock deep into my pussy, and I gasp into the gag. He starts thrusting steadily forcing my pussy to stretch around him, and after a bit I can’t stop myself from moaning. “You feel so good, sweetheart. I knew that pussy of yours would love my dick. Let’s see how hard I can get you to cum, you want that, don’t you?” He isn’t looking at my face anymore for confirmation to his question, but god, yes I want to, no I need to cum. I am already soaking wet, and his even, deep thrusts in me are perfectly hitting my g-spot. He licks his fingers, reaches down, and splist my lips to find my clit as he pumped into me. He pinches my clit like he had pinched my nipples just moments before, but this time, I don’t tear up. I want it harder, harder, harder. He keeps fucking me with the same steady rhythm, slapping my clit hard, and then begins rubbing it.

Oh god, he’s going to make me cum, oh fuck… Suddenly, I was explode, gushing all over his cock and he doesn’t stop. “That’s right, sweetheart, let it all out. More, more, more…” I’m screaming into my gag, my wrists straining against the rope as he continues to fuck me and rub my swollen clit. Oh god, I’m going to… And with that I was cumming again, my eyes rolling back into my head, and my back arching. “Again, you fucking dirty cum dumpster.” He doesn’t stop, not even for a second. My juices soak him and the concrete under my ass, and my legs want nothing more than to snap shut to stop him from touching my pussy, which was so sensitive I feel like I am going to pass out. I look into his eyes, trying to plead with him to stop, but he doesn’t. He only smiles. “I said AGAIN.” He slaps my pussy hard and holds his cock in me as he rubs my clit faster and faster. “I’m not stopping until you cum again for me,” he says, his demeanor no longer playful. “You think this is a fucking joke?”


“You’re my whore now, and you’ll do as I say. And I say, you cum again right fucking now.” He pulls his cock out of me and plunges two fingers in, then three, then four. He bends down and sucs my clit hard as he thrust his fingers in me. I cum again, this time squirting on him. “Good.” He stands up and slaps my pussy. “Next time, you better do what I say a little faster, or I’m not going to be so nice.” His cock is in me again, but I don’t care. I am out of breath, moaning quietly into the gag as he fucks me hard. I am just happy that he isn’t rubbing my clit anymore.

“I was going to give you the reward of my cum deep inside you, but I don’t think you deserve that this time. Clench your pussy around me slut. Get me nice and hard so I can cum all over your tits instead.” He slaps my clit hard, making me yell. “I said clench. NOW.” I do my best, tightening my muscles, and I feel him thrust deep inside me a few more times before pulling out and aims his cock to my tits. he shoots his hot load over my tits and then wipes his cock on my face, my own juices and his cum across my cheek. “I’m going to fuck that pretty little mouth later, don’t you worry.”

“Don’t you dare touch that,” he said sternly as he unties my wrists and pulls me to my feet. “That’s to remind you that you need to listen to me.” My legs are shaking as he leads me back to the chair where I had first woke up. “Sit,” he commands, and I was too tired to resist. He left my ankles untied, but ties my wrists together again. I want to look for a way out. I want to work on the ropes that have my wrist clenched together, to try to escape. But he jabs me with a needle.

 “Sleep now, sweetheart. I’ll be back soon,” I hear as I feel myself slipping back into unconsciousness.