Secret Cum Eating Piggy – My Boyfriend’s Confession

Secret cum eating piggy, could that be you? Guys who eat their cum is so hot to hear. I remember the first time I heard it.  A few years ago, I was sitting in my old boyfriend’s room, thinking to myself it was such a pigsty! I turned to him and asked, “If I was to tidy up in here, am I going to find some dirty, crusty sock filled with jizz?”. He said, “No,” turning a little red. “How about dirty cum tissues then?”. Again he replied, “No,” this time getting a little nervous.

His behavior raised my curiosity, so I decided to push the subject. “Well, what do you use when you jack off in your room? And don’t tell me you don’t, that’s not going to earn you any brownie points”. He sheepishly responded with “My hand…”. “Ok, but how do you clean off your hand, I doubt you just hold an entire cum load in your hand as you venture through your house to the bathroom”. I speculated the answer but really wanted, no, needed him to confess it.

The cum eating truth & his confession

He must have known the secret was out there was no way to hide it any longer. With a quiet voice, he confessed, “I eat it. I eat my cum”. There it was out in the open; my boyfriend enjoyed the taste of his own jizz probably more then I did. At first, I still expected him to say just kidding the crusty cum filled socks are under the bed, but he didn’t take it back, and when I looked down, he was hard as a rock!”This I gotta see, show me”.

My boyfriend slid off his shorts and slowly started to stroke his cock in front of me. I never really wanted to watch a guy jerk off before, but now I wanted to watch after all I was expecting a grand finale. When precum started to trickle down his shaft, I watched as he licked his lips. Jesus, he was a secret cum eating piggy! Just the thought of eating his cum in front of me must have excited him because he came much faster than usual. Collecting his cum into his hand. Then without hesitation, he licked up every last drop from his hand.

Will You Do It For Me Too?

From that day on, I’vee had a fascination with cum eaters. I just enjoy it when you eat your own cum, it’s different, erotic something not many men will do. At least not without a little motivation. Which what more motivation do you need then a hot girl begging you to do this hot erotic thing for her. Imagine getting me excited with just a sentence” I eat my cum”.

Being a secret cum eating piggy doesn’t make you gay. It’s not any different from when I play with my pussy and then lick off the juices. It’s a bit of a double standard if it’s ok for me to know what my pussy tastes like but it’s taboo for you to know what your jizz tastes like. Sure sometimes I have to force it but things are so much easier when you man up and give this girl what she wants. And all I want for you to enjoy every part of the orgasmic experience.

The Orgasmic Experience

The beginning, middle, the big climax, and the clean-up. Each part has a little something for you to enjoy! Please don’t take it for granted. Of course, the beginning is when the collection of cum in your balls sends the signals that your load needs to be released. So you start to pleasure yourself, leading us to the middle. Getting into the self-love keeping yourself in the realm of pleasure for as long as possible until you just can’t handle it. Then the big climax, which is undoubtedly your favorite part, especially when you work for it.

But that doesn’t conclude your experience. What are you to do with that creamy mess? Discarding it into tissue is just so wasteful. When you know yourself, cum is entirely edible. Do the right thing, even if just for pretty old me. Wipe it up into your hand as much as possible and slurp up the warm salty goodness. When you eat your cum you are genuinely making sure none of your orgasms is ever wasted.

Go from being a secret cum eating piggy to being my obedient little cum eater. Call me today for hot cum eating phone sex!