Careful What You Wish For… Someone Just Might Give It to You and Out Your Secret Adult Baby Tendencies

I thought It was going to be like any other day. Never did I think I would stumble onto my husband’s secret Adult Baby tendencies and closet diaper fetish. Guess it just shows you should never say never. Let me explain.

I was going through the bills, paying them online.  So I went into the study and turned on my husband’s desktop. Before I could do a search, the screen lit up with an image of what seemed to be an adult in a diaper. And not just in a diaper, but in what clearly a complete nursery, but sized for an adult.  Curiosity sent me to peruse the browser history.

Let me tell you, I got myself quite an education as to the workings of my husband’s internet-perusing tastes.  He had been to many adult baby and diaper fetish sights. From ones that offered baby-printed ABDL diapers to plastic pants to full adult baby apparel to everything in between.

From there I read all there was to know about Adult Babies, diaper fetish lovers, and the ABDL World in general.


The more I delved into this brave new world, the more I was intrigued. A plan started forming in my mind. I enlisted my mother as well as my neighbor’s 18-year-old daughter Stacie to help – after all, I would need their help after the “unveiling”.  His birthday was at the end of the month. I thought it would be quite apropos to surprise him then.

The big day finally arrived. It took a lot of finagling, but I finally got everything I needed in place. I had closed off his study for a couple of days, telling him it was part of his Birthday surprise. I shooed him out of the house on the day of his birthday, letting his friends take him out.

When he got home, the living room was all decked out – not in birthday decorations, but in an “It’s a Boy!!” motif. He was speechless.

Before he could utter a word I said, “Wait, there’s more.”

I took his hand and led him to the double doors that marked the entrance to his study. With a big grin, I opened the double doors; what once was his sanctuary, was now a nursery – an Adult Baby nursery. Complete with a crib, changing table, a complete layette, diapers, and a sundry of baby items.

I knew it was a Secret Adult Baby and Diaper Fetish Lover’s dream come true.


While he took in the entire room I said to him, “I found out about your little secret when I used your computer the other week. You now have what you’ve always dreamed of – being a baby again; or more to the point – an Adult Baby.

“I’ve got it all fixed. Come Monday, I will be taking over your position at the company.  And I’ve arranged for both my mother and Stacie from next door to babysit you while I’m at work. Now let’s get you out of those big boy clothes and into a thick diaper and a onesie.”

 He tried once or twice to argue with me, but I shushed him immediately. I then threatened to give him his first lesson in BDSM diaper discipline.

After all, I was his Mommy now, and a Mother always knows best for her not-so-secret Adult Baby.


I had him on the Adult Baby-sized changing table, whisking away his “big boy” hair, and encapsulating him in a nice thick diaper. I cooed over him saying, “Now aren’t you glad I found out about your secret Adult Baby desires? Isn’t this what you truly wanted for your birthday?”


So tell me, is this your secret adult baby desire? All you have to do is call my phone sex numbers and we can have the best fetish phone sex session you have ever had, and give you what you truly want!


Your Free Sex Story & Secret Adult Baby Guru,

 Phone Sex Kingdom Nicole Burke