Tis’ the SEASON for Family Fun !!!

I wake early and sneak downstairs. First of all, I hear noises coming from your room as I walk down the hall and notice your bedroom door open a crack.  But I can’t keep myself from opening the door just enough to put my head in and see you stroking your cock.  My little boy is growing up and I’m looking for Family Fun…!

What a very nice cock you have it’s thick and a good length.  It’s very similar to your Dad’s.  And look how hard he is…  I wonder if your cock has a name ? My name for  your Dad’s cock is, “Little Johnny”.

I can’t resist walking into your room and stand to watch you make your hand go up and down on your shaft and as a result, my pussy is getting excited. And as much as I know it’s wrong, my pussy is getting wet and hot and I can’t help myself.   As a result of your eyes still being closed, you don’t even know I’m watching you.  YET…!!!

Now how should I let you know that I’m watching you play with your cock ?

My own son is in his own room and playing with his own cock.   I want to help and enjoy some family fun.

So I walk over to the bed and wrap my hand around your hand that is stroking your cock.  You open your eyes looking at me with a big smile but you keep right on stroking your cock and look you don’t miss a beat.

I let go of your hand because I need to untie my belt and let my robe fall open, exposing my naked body to my son.  I slip my robe off and let it fall to the floor.  And your smile gets bigger just like your cock which looks like it’s going to explode at any moment.

I can feel you reach for my pussy as I stand beside the bed  and I can’t help myself from spreading my legs open.  I think you’ve played with pussy before…haven’t you, my Son…?  Finally, let the family fun begin !

Call me and I’ll get you off with the ending of the story!

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