The Sculptor Fingers Bella’s Ass! Dirty Ass Play with a Stranger!

My friend told me about modeling nude for this old sculptor who lives in the West Village. I figured what the hell, I needed the extra money.  I had no idea I would end up getting felt up by the old guy. My friend had warned me that this guy was into some serious ass play.

I went to his studio and didn’t see him at all. I met with his assistant, who had me undress and he took some pics of me in the nude. He had me bend over, and stretch. The assistant told me I got the job. I was to come back the next day and the sculptor will be ready for me.

The next day I was back. I was nervous about meeting this guy. I love his work. He came out and looked me over and shook my hand. He told me I could change into a robe in the dressing room and come out when I was ready. I slowly took off my jeans, shirt, and bra. I slid my panties off and then wrapped the big robe around me. Then I walk out barefoot into the cold studio. He had lights on and a platform for me to stand on. “Sorry, it’s cold in here. The lights will warm it up.” He said as he puffed on a cigar.

I dropped the robe and stepped on the platform.

He stared at me and walked around, inspecting every inch of me. I have to say I was turned on. It’s pretty hot having a talented artist explore your body, even just with his eyes. What was he looking for? Did he like what he saw?

He asked me to twist my body at the waist. Then reach up and stretch my torso. I did what he asked, but he wanted to move me into positions himself. He put his hands on my body. He suddenly stopped moving me and started to caress my soft young skin. “Bella, is it ok if I touch you this way?” I said yes. I was so turned on, I could feel my pussy get wet.

“Bend down and touch your toes, Bella.” I did as he said and I felt him lean over my ass. His fingers were exploring my ass cheeks “I want to sculpt this perfect ass.” He said. I could feel his breath against my neck as he moved his fingers around my ass. I could also feel his hard dick through his sweatpants. Before I knew it, I felt his finger sliding into my asshole!

I probably should have stopped this old guy from finger fucking me but it felt good.

I let him move it in and out of me. When he pulled it out, he thanked me and said that was enough for the day. He said he would pay me extra and I could come back to model for him another day.

Haha, I think he got more than what he needed from me and I am quite sure he jerked that old hard cock off when I left!