His Screaming in Pain was music to my ears

“Enough already, Anna. That really fucking hurts.” The desperation in my voice only seemed to turn on my red-headed tormentor. What in fuck was I thinking, agreeing to what she had called her “favorite play session”? Now, here she was adding more weights to the contraption strapped to my balls, and I was close to fucking screaming in pain. And she was getting off on my pain, I could tell.


The restraints were fine, and, I admit, hot as hell, especially when cinched in place by the almost naked Anna. Wearing nothing but some off-the-charts sexy heels (red to match her hair, I guess), and only the hint of a garter. she had teased me with her full, amazing tits as she tied me, kneeling, to the bed. A bit strange for this sexy sub, but what the hell. I could see her pussy lips glistening already, so whatever turned her on would come back to me in pleasure later. Her nipples brushed my lips as she made me understand exactly how immobile I was. Wrists and ankles bound; leather dog collar in place — I was totally at the mercy of the sexiest woman I had ever met.
“Fuck, Anna,” I screamed, “take them off right fucking now.” The more I struggled, the more my balls stretched under the weight. And the more Anna reveled in her work, stroking her pussy occasionally as a kind of reward for her fine work (or so it seemed). This was not hot. This was not fun. And this was certainly not what I thought of when I thought about playtime.
The teasing had continued. Nipples grazing my lips. Beautifully manicured fingers stroking my shaft until the word raging could not even describe the hard on I could not see (my head could not move that far) but definitely feel. Then her lips… those soft, luscious lips, taking in the tip of my quivering cock, then popping it out suddenly. Kissing my balls, across my stomach, and then even my lips. First time Anna had kissed my lips, and here I was trussed like a fucking turkey.
But her scent began to fill the room when the nipple clamps came out. “No fucking way,” I had told her, but I was also in no position to resist. The pain was sudden, but nothing I couldn’t handle. But she sure fucking loved it, I could tell. The more I squirmed, the wetter she got, to the point that she had to pause twice to stroke her swollen pink clit with fingers. Then onto my cock again with her lips, torturing me in the best way possible. The nipple clamps pinched every time I moved. I let a sound — not a moan or a groan, just a sound of discomfort.
But Anna…. every time I made a sound, I could hear her moan lightly, as though she is getting off from my discomfort. The little bitch is getting off on my pain. She teased, stroked, and even bit me, leaving marks on my shoulders. My cock throbbed, my balls blue from the constant rise and release game that she was so into.
“No fucking way, Anna,” I screamed again. “Get those the fuck away from me.” I had no idea what the contraption was that she had, but soon figured it out as she began to snap it tightly onto my balls. The pain was beyond anything I had felt, as my scrotum was tugged and pulled and stretched in ways I had never even imagined possible. “Enough already, Anna. That really fucking hurts.” She smiled, her eyes increasingly smoky with arousal, and simply leaned over, her nipples rock hard as her tits danced before me, and kissed me deeply, her tongue teasing mine. My cock responded, my balls on fire. The room got wavy and dizzy.
The newly added weights forced me to close my eyes to the pain. I had lost track. Hours? Minutes? I had no idea how long she had been torturing me this way. But even through my pain, I could make out a familiar sound. She had her favorite vibrator out! What the fuck? Cracking my eyes slightly, I could see her, legs wide apart on the bed as she sat on a chair watching me hold onto consciousness. Her pussy was already intensely wet, her red hair flowing as she arched her back. The purple head of the vibrator danced across her swollen clit, slowly at first but with more aggression with each pass. I heard Anna moaning loudly now, her amazing body on full display for me. My own cock hardened even more, sending bolts of pain through my body. As though feeling this, Anna almost leap off the chair as the first wave of climax slammed through her body. Her moan became a scream as she shuddered again and again, her juices flowing.
The room began to fade again, as the pain took me away.
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