What is it about a Scorpio that raises so much attention?

Growing up as a Scorpio, I noticed that I got a certain response when revealing my sign, particularly from the men! They would typically smile and look me up and down, all of the sudden more inspired to talk to me. I quickly realized that Scorpios have a reputation that gets an erotic response. What is it that people find so enticing about us?

Scorpio = SEX.

We are notorious for being innately sexual. We are considered the most sexual astrological sign, as well as the most mysterious and passionate. Sex is a sixth sense in our body, it comes to us like in breathing air. We feel it so deeply, so intensely that we are the kind of fuck who blows your mind and leaves you wanting more.

Sexuality is how I relate to the world around me, that’s why I am so attracted to situations. Men and women who can have an interesting conversation with me are the ones whose clothes I want to rip off. I can not tell you how many times I fucked in naughty places because someones personality turned me on so much I couldn’t wait.

Are you attracted to an intellectual and sensuous woman? The kind of girl who immediately catches your eye when you enter a bar? She’s sitting there alone, lazily stirring her drink while she day dreams. You decide to take a chance and sit next to her, and when she turns to smile at you, you can’t help but to feel intoxicated by the deviance in her face? You find yourself quickly pulled into stimulating conversation with her and the next thing you know, she’s tracing her fingers along your thigh

I’ll have a gin and tonic.

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