It was Sunday afternoon and my husband had just gotten back from a two week business trip and what was the first thing he wanted to do?  That’s right.  Watch NFL football.  He grabbed a beer and sat in front of the TV.  I watched him in amazement.  

I had greeted him at the door wearing only a pair of thong panties and a corset and he just gave me a quick kiss and ran to the refrigerator.  During the game, I sat next to him, trying to get some attention and kissing him.  He was distracted and kissed me back quickly but soon turned his attention back to the game.


Well, I wasn’t having any of this.  It had been two weeks since I had a proper fucking and I was tired of masturbating with my dildos.  I was really craving some good anal sex and I decided that he was going to give it to me now.

I sat close to him and started to rub his cock.  I started to get his attention.  He pushed my hand harder against his cock and then gave me a kiss.  “We’ll fuck as soon as it’s half time, okay, honey?”  

“No, Ed.  We’re going to fuck NOW!”  I pulled his dick out of his pants, pulled my panties off and straddled him, sitting reverse on his lap.  He grabbed my hips and tried to gently push me off.  “Sabrina, it’s 4th down!”  

I ignored him, took his cock in my hand and guided it into my asshole.  I slowly slid my ass down on his hard cock and he moaned loudly.  He wrapped his arms around my waist and started to thrust his dick into my ass harder and faster.  It felt so good to have a dick in my ass again after so long.  I used my legs to bounce my body up and down, slamming my ass down on his cock as he slammed it back up into me.  

I rode him and felt his hand cupping my pussy.  He rubbed it quickly then slid his finger along my clit.  I rode him, pressing my clit against his finger and before too long, I was screaming out my orgasm.  He thrust his dick into me a few more times before I felt his gush of cum rushing into my ass.

By the time I detached myself from him, it was half time.  We definitely took our fucking into overtime!

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