A fuck-party is just what everyone needs to get to that happy place.  While everyone KNOWS I’m a HUGE pet lover, few know just how far that loving goes! LOL.  When I got my puppy, he was a rambunctious baby; so small he fit in my palm.  But, as the 3 years have CUM to pass, I see him as a giant kid who STILL thinks he’s a tiny pup.

Imagine my surprise when I found him buried between my thighs trying to lick a biking wound on my thigh!  At first, I tried pushing him away.  But, that TONGUE!  His warm, wet tongue burrowed until I felt the chill of his wet nose against my bald pussy.  I wanted to stop him; I truly DID!  But…

The first lick made me giggle, then I fought my automated-leg-opening.  He slid his head to one side and began his descent.  My head dropped back against the headboard and I SWEAR I heard myself cry out! WTF? Oh!  He didn’t just lick! He drove that doggie tongue deep inside me.  It was almost better than a cock, if only becuz, cocks can’t twist, turn and bend. LOL

Somehow, I felt myself turn over, giving him CUMplete access to my pussy AND ass!  He continued the assault; licking from my eager little asshole up and over my pussy mound.  Within seconds, he’d leapt onto me “Doggie-style” and started pounding my pussy!  My cum squirt wildly and I started laughing.

“Damn, Joey!  What the fuck? Can’t you stay in character for the whole thing? Brett demanded with a pout. “Sorry, Babe!  I just can’t…that costume is so…so…Sexy and humorous all-at-once!

We’ve gotten it right now. We even host parties now!



I Wear A Crotchless Panther Furry.