Scissor Sisters: A Naughty 2 Girl Fantasy

I must say when Raven and I get together, sexual worlds collide. Here’s why: We take 2 girl fantasy phone sex to the Next Level!

Raven is a dark-haired seductress. For a few years, this beautiful 20-something vixen has been my best friend, and I adore everything about her. (Why else would we fuck all the time?) She’s dominant by nature and is the perfect complement to my slutty submissiveness. She and I do everything together- especially on our couple time a year visits. We take hot 2 girl fantasy sex to the NEXT level.

On our last visit together a few months back, we met in a hot upscale 4-star motel. After a few drinks at the bar, and a night full of teasing perverts that wanted nothing other than to be granted access into our beautiful room, we decided to leave &  leave the guys behind. Well, all except one. After all… he did foot the bill for all of our drinks- she and I figured we may as well show off for him a bit.

A bit more than tipsy, and a lot more than just hot The three of us entered our hotel room.

She instructed our fellow friend to sit in the chair over in the corner, while we slipped into something a bit sexier. Upon our return, his jaw dropped. Imagine it, a sexy brunette paired with a hot redhead in the raunchiest of crotchless body stockings. I couldn’t wait to taste her. I waited for her to splay herself out on the bed, and finger wag for me to kiss her. Also, I always do as directed. I kissed her soft lips passionately as I worked my way down her perfect tits and stomach. Mmmm, I knew I was making my way to her creamy center.

Our male counterpart could hardly contain his excitement, trying several times to climb onto the bed with the 2 beauties. Her demands were clear, and he knew that if he tried to join us again before a proper invitation he would be asked to leave.

I kissed and suckled at her pussy, almost nursing on her. I felt her getting wetter and swelling by the second, so I would ease off and tease her sweet pink box with my mouth. She finger wagged for him to join us, and instructed me to sit atop his face and fuck his tongue. His dick was fully erect, as I rubbed my pussy and ass all over him. Raven stood, and toyed with his hard cock. I’m sure our friend wasn’t expecting this 2 girl fantasy of his to include so much teasing.

While I rode his face, she stroked and spanked and tugged on his cock, almost forcing him to cum, and then she made me feed his seed to him of my fingers. It was so yummy, watching and listening to him beg for a sweet release.

After making a mess of himself he was asked to leave. What she and I did after? Well, we both decided that it was our turn to cum, so we had a sexy scissoring fuck session. Mmmm, cumming and squirting all over each other. I can’t wait until our next visit. Did you have a 2 girl fantasy? or, a 2 girl curiosity perhaps?

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