The schoolmistress was a tall woman with large breasts and ruby red lips. She said that all she wanted to do was show me a better way of doing things. I was one of her favorites. There was me, the red head girl with the cute freckles and the pretty blonde with the perfect bangs. We were all her favorites.

When all of the other students were working hard on learning new subjects or finishing projects for extra credit, the schoolmistress would always come around and hand pick us out of class. She smelled so good. Like fresh roses and lilacs. I was always so glad when she came around and saved me from school work.

One of the times that was absolutely the best was when she rescued me from math class that one time. She took my hand as we walked down the hallway. She said that she wanted to do the same things that we had done the week before. So she locked her office door and took me into her bathroom. She kissed my cheek before I pulled my panties down and sat on the toilet seat. Her lips were so soft.

She wanted to know if I remembered what she told me from the last time. “Can you show me sweet Carmen?” She said, “Show me how you wipe your sweet spot.” I smiled and said yes. When I did it I noticed the look on her face was one of pleasure and mischief. She liked me more when I did what she said. So I wiped over and over again. She said that I was doing a great job, but she needed to show me how to do it like a big girl.

The schoolmistress showed me so many things and gave me so many tips on the many times that we were together. She even called in the other girls to have fun with us sometimes. She called it out our “get-togethers”.  I will always be her special girl though.

Are you interested in knowing about some of the other things she taught me? Do you really want to know how much of a great influence she was on the woman that I am today?

ASK ME ANYTHING. I would love to let you know more about my times with the schoolmistress.



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