Schoolgirl punishment started for me when I came home from school to find you sitting on our porch.

“You’re late, Joey. Where were you?”
I answered meekly.
“Well, my class ran late and then I had to talk to my swim coach about the meet coming up next weekend. I’m sorry.”

“You know how I worry, I’ve been waiting for you for 2 hours. You couldn’t call?”

 I didn’t think it would be that big a deal. Besides, he said he’d be working late tonight.
“Well, now that you’re finally home, I want you to put this on” and you hold out a blindfold.

Oh! My pouty-face (which should be registered as a lethal weapon) was trained on YOU. LOL.

“Do I need a reason besides I want you to?”
So, I followed with, “I guess not, you know how much I adore you, big brother.”
“Good. And you KNOW I love you, but lately I’ve been feeling a…little taken-for-granted.”

You put on the blindfold before picking me up and, carrying me into our home. You walk me into our bedroom and, I’m placed on the bed. Funny thing is, my feet hit the headboard, not to mention, being tied spread eagle to the footboard. You leave enough slack so that you can pull me down with my head hanging over the edge.

Your lips are against my ear, saying…
“I know you won’t enjoy this as much as I will, but I do hope you get into the spirit of the evening.”
But, of course, my pussy tightened at the thought of more schoolgirl punishment!  Read my diary of ALL the DELICIOUS PUNISHMENTS inflicted by my brother.  I’ll make you cream hearing all about every stroke of his MONSTER COCK!