I’m an utterly bad girl who’s extremely GOOD at playing your dirty school sex games, Professor!

Who knew that school sex games could be so very exciting? When we ended last time, you were playing an incredibly steamy secret sex game with me on the floor of our classroom.

You’d just demanded to know why and how I thought it acceptable to play with my juicy young pussy this morning, especially since you’d expressly ordered me NOT to.

But you know how it is when someone tells you that you’re forbidden from playing salaciously naughty school sex games, especially those secret ones?

Of course, it makes you want to do it even more, doesn’t it? After all, it’s just human nature! Anyway, I blushed like crazy while you glared at me. I felt super exposed. Indeed, I sat there naked with your strong hand still wrapped around my slim throat.

Meanwhile, I frantically tried to come up with a plausible reason, um, an excuse for why I just could not seem to keep my fingers out of my sticky little cunt. You have so many rules about when and where it’s okay to cum; when a girl’s pussy is throbbing, do you really expect her to obey?

Desperately, I tried to remember the email you’d sent about what I’m supposed to do each morning before class, but my mind was an aroused blur. “I d-don’t remember, Sir, I-” I stammered, but you cut me off. Immediately, you took your hand off my throat, just long enough to smack my left nipple. Ooh, fuck!!!

Then, you marked the chalkboard with yet another short white line.

I didn’t know what the lines represented. When I arrived for my tutoring session, you stripped me, restrained me, then began interrogating me. Between the exposure, the questions, and the sudden, hard slaps, I nearly came on the spot! I felt like I was about to burst, but you wouldn’t let me. On top of that, I couldn’t even wipe away my tears because my hands were tied!

The chalk marks on the blackboard could mean strokes with the flogger or hits with the cane or mindblowing orgasms or something horrible, for all I knew. Furthermore, you might pull anything out and then use it on me. Removing your hand off my neck again, you stood up in front of me as your knowing fingers deftly pulled open your black leather belt.

Would I get the belt, or your cock? Your perverted sex school sex games keep this girl intensely horny, all the time!

Next, you pulled down your zipper. Mmm, that probably meant I’d be allowed to suck you off. Yummy! I swallowed quickly as I wet my dry lips, practically able to taste you already.  Seriously. I’d never craved ANYONE’S cock this much before then, but there’s something irresistible about you that I simply can’t deny.

You held me firmly by the hair as my mouth watered. Your dripping cock with its swollen crown was mere inches away from my lush, glossy lips, sooooo tantalizingly close. I moaned hungrily, my scalp burning as I pulled against your fist, wanting your cock down my throat even more than your rules at that moment.

“Oh please, Sir, please just let me – ” I begged, straining against your grip, not caring how slutty I appeared.

Suddenly, lightning crackled through my system again as the cane seemed to flash practically out of nowhere, leaving two stinging stripes across my vulnerable, pert titties. I screamed helplessly, gasping for breath as you added two additional marks to the chalkboard from hell.

“Did I give you permission to beg, slut?” you inquired casually as I panted and groaned. Although I wanted to know what those damned chalk marks meant, not being allowed to kiss and lick and worship his cock bothered me much more. I whimpered pathetically.

“Let’s start again, shall we, Miss Blackwood?” you stated matter-of-factly.

By that point, I could no longer remember what game we were playing anymore. None of the questions even made sense. For all I knew, you could have been speaking in a foreign language! I wailed in frustration as I rocked back and forth on the floor, my whole body ablaze with need and shame.

Which, of course, led to another slap and yet another mark on the board.

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