School girl Kate needs help with her homework

Hi, I’m your student. Sweet school girl Kate. I am really struggling with this homework and I’m hoping my teacher can help me. You ask me to stay after class. It’s Friday and everyone is headed to the game but I know I need help so I agree. It doesn’t even occur to me that we will be all alone. The school day is over and I come to your office.

“Hey Kate, come on in. Please shut the door behind you.” I notice the blinds are all closed which I think is weird but I do what I’m told. I really do need help. An innocent school girl, knowing nothing of what’s about to happen. I set down my bag and start to get out my homework. You laugh, “Wait a second Kate, we need to talk about how you’re going to help me before we get to me helping you.”

I look at you confused.

You grin and motion me to come over. My hair is us in a ponytail and I have on a pair of tight jeans and a white tee shirt. I know I should have worn a bra today but I didn’t and now I feel uncomfortable being so close to you. I can see you staring. Then I hesitantly move closer because you ask me to. “What do you mean help you, sir?”

You open your drawer and pull out a ruler. “Well Kate, if you need help so bad you’ve obviously been neglecting your work. That’s a very naughty girl.” Suddenly I know what you’re going to do, oddly enough I’m not scared. I’m curious. Suddenly you tug the button of my jeans open, the zipper going down at the same time. You twist me around and pull my jeans down. Excited that I’m wearing a thong I’m sure. You bend me over the desk and I know I’m about to get it. Hard.

Teen Phone Sex!