School girl Kate gets a spanking with a ruler

I’m about to get a spanking by my teacher and I’m not even scared. I’m bent over your desk, with my jeans at my ankles, my ass is showing, my thong barely covers my pussy. I shiver. Anxiously waiting for what you’re about to do to me.

“Now Kate you understand why I have to do this right?”

“I’m not sure?”

You smack me hard with the ruler. “I’m not sure, SIR.”

“Yes, sir.”

“I’m doing this Kate because you have been neglecting your school work and you need to know that that isn’t acceptable. We will do this at the beginning of every lesson.”



“Ok, sir.”

“Now you will count with me, Kate. I’m going to give you ten spankings for now.”

I count out loud with you, as you’re spanking me. Harder each time. My ass stings and every time you hit me it sends a delicious tingle down to my pussy. I can’t explain it but mmm I’m getting so wet for you babe…I mean sir;) My eyes are watering by the time you finish but I know we are just getting started.

You reach down and lift my feet one after the other out of my jeans. “Spread your legs, Kate.”

I spread my legs and you press your nose against my soaked panties. Taking in my scent, making me moan. I’m basically shivering with need. A need I didn’t even know I could feel. I’ve fooled around with a few boys, but nothing like this. I neeeeed you.

You pull my panties down, helping me step out of them and get behind me. Your cock is hard and pressing into me through your pants. Reaching between my legs, spreading them wide, your fingers trace my pussy lips. Your middle finger slides between my lips, brushing my clit and I basically scream in pleasure. You cover my mouth with your hand, whispering in my ear to be quiet. I need you inside me…now!

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