My guy and I love playing our kinky games. However, with all that is going on in the world, we haven’t been getting naughty like we normally do. School Finally Started back up and we have the house to ourselves again! Everyone is gone for at least six to seven hours five days a week. That gives us plenty of time for all our perverted games. We love so many different things and a lot of them require time and effort.

With everyone home all the time, it is impossible to be able to do those games. Sure, we are fucking regularly, but it isn’t the same without our special fun. I don’t want to expose the rest of the family to this stuff. It is our time, and it is special. He is super creative and kinky, that is what makes it so much fun and super dirty.

When School Finally Started back up, we knew it is time for celebration.

Of course, I get my time for my Phone Sex Chat sessions. That is my job and they know to leave me alone when I am working with my callers. Everyone in the house knows how important my callers are to me and that no one is to disturb me during my hours on the phones. This is my private time. Truthfully, none of them know I am masturbating while I am doing the calls and they don’t need to know.

One of my guy’s favorite things is my Extreme Edging Experiences. It is also one of my favorite caller’s things too. He and I have a blast playing while he is hiding behind the big machines at work. I love that he is naughty enough to play at work for me. My guy is into edging as well. He loves my skills and the fact that I use these giant titties to drive him wild. Of course, lately, he can only last so long.

We have to get back into practicing all our games again now that school finally started!

Now that school finally started again, we have all this time. We are practicing more and more. Tease and denial, edging, domination, anal games, and so much more. My boyfriend has a huge dick and he loves denying me as well. Oh, yes, we switch back and forth. He will do female orgasm denial with me. Teasing me as he is stroking that big hard cock in front of my face. All while I am tied up and unable to do anything.

It is exciting and frustrating at the same time. My pussy will leak fluid as I am getting so turned on. I am wanting him to put that dick inside me but he won’t. He is rubbing it on my skin, my breasts, my lips, and even my pussy mound but not putting it inside me. Until I beg him and promise him anything. Finally, he will spread my legs and shove that rock hard cock deep inside me.

I love our games so much!

Additionally, I love switching when I am in charge and pegging him. It isn’t immediate either. I take my time teasing him with my body and the strap on. Working my way all over his body. Using my hands, lips, tits, ass cheeks, and that big ole strap on. I love driving him mad as he is begging me to touch his cock or lick his asshole. He is craving more as I tease and deny him. I am wanting more but I am waiting for the desire to drive us both wild.

Once, we are both at the edge, I start licking his tight butthole, lubing it up. Then, I reach around and stroke his dick as I slowly slide inside his ass. It is thrilling as he is moaning. Then, in no time he is cumming so hard. Of course, there are so many more games. Curious to hear about them? Call me and I will give you all the details.