Climax control, not even close.  My eyes were definitely opened to the world of sex on the school bus. It’s really outrageous what kids get away with then they’re hidden between bench seats and the surrounding chaos of wild children and teenagers.

I always thought riding in the back of the bus was desirable because you were so far from authority. You could get away with a lot more. I didn’t really realize the extent of what you could do back there until I saw an upper classman (which to me was 15) getting finger banged by a boy we all thought was cute. They had been making out for a while. Several of us were watching him rub her bouncing tits through her while cotton polo. We wore uniforms because it was private school. Oddly enough, it made for amazingly easy access to our “special” parts.

He placed his hand on her knee and slowly rode up her thigh until his entire hand was under her skirt. Still kissing passionately, she spread her legs open so I could see the crotch of her cotton panties. A small wet spot exposed her true feelings. It made my pussy tingle.

I could see him move the crotch of her panties aside and slip his hand into her pink virgin pussy. She leaned her head away from him, back onto the window, her mouth open in ecstasy. Her golden hair bounced on her shoulders as her head vibrated against the glass. I could see her nipples harden under her shirt. I could feel mine hardening too.

By this time most of the other sneaky girls had looked away. They were too embarrassed to admit they liked what they saw, but I watched quietly as my panties developed a wet spot of their own.

climax in my panties

The bus turned onto a long stretch of gravel road where several classmates lived. The ride became rough and he sped up his pace, sinking his middle finger deeper into her throbbing velvet box while he rubbed her slick clit with his thumb. The vibrations through the bus seats ran up my entire body. I could feel the vinyl seat humming into my pussy and ass. It made the hair stand up on the back of my neck and when I moved my legs I could feel the wet folds of my tight little kitty slipping against itself.

Goldilocks was spread eagle now and her companion was nibbling at her nipples through her shirt. She started to grind into his hand just a little. I opened my legs and leaned forward just enough so that my pussy was open and my clit was flush with the seat. I pulled the fabric seatbelt behind me, up between my legs and gripped it so I could feel the vibrations humming right into my clit. I pressed my head against the front of the seat and watched him pleasure her, imagining it was me. The vibrations were making me lightheaded and I could feel my pussy tightening. He dipped his head down under her skirt and started licking and sucking her swollen clit. Suddenly her eyes opened and she covered her mouth to muffle the sound of her cumming all over his face. He didn’t stop. He pressed his tongue into her pussy, fucking her slowly and softly. I pushed my hips down deep into that seat and allowed the rumble of the road to vibrate me into a slow and intense climax. She came at the same time and when she opened her eyes and looked at me, we both had the same dazed and satisfied expression.

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