Some time alone leaves me all the time I need to satisfy my burning sensitive core!


The night is cold so I decide to stay in and enjoy a night to myself. It’s been a while since I’ve had some alone time so I take full advantage of my private time. I make myself a nice meal and open a bottle of wine. I turn on one of my favorite movies and relax. As I’m watching the movie my favorite hot and heavy scene comes on and my burning sensitive core ignites. That’s when I decided to move things to my bedroom.

Once I am there I pour myself some more wine and run a hot bath. Lighting some candles and adding some bubbles to my bath I turn the movie back on and climb in. As I sip my wine and watch I begin to caress my body arousing my burning sensitive core. In the movie, he takes her out to a private cabin to romance her. The steamy hot climax of the scene arrives and I mimic his touches with my own.

As I watch him caress her body I caress my own imagining his touch. The warm water hugs my body as I tease it. I lift my nipples out of the water just enough to feel the cool air against them. They get hard as they float just above the water causing my burning sensitive core to ache. Then I slide my hand down to lightly rub between my legs.

I’m The Naughty Neighbor You’ll Love!

When she finally gives in to her lustful desires he takes her outside under the stars. My own desires take hold as I climb from my bath wanting a similar sensation. Drying off I open up my balcony doors letting the night breeze roll in. I grab my favorite toy and lay on my bed watching as he strips her naked. Then he kisses down her body spreading her legs open to have a taste.

As he kisses her inner thighs teasing her I position myself towards the balcony. Secretly I hope someone is watching as I rub my toy against my clit. I turn on the low vibration and mimic his movements against her aching pussy. Her moans fill my room as my burning sensitive core drips with excitement. He brings her to the edge of her orgasm before revealing his own throbbing cock.

Once he discards the remainder of his clothes he pulls her in close sucking her nipples. I watch as he slides his cock deep into her pussy so in slips my toy. Keeping in motion with him I work my toy deep into my burning sensitive core. When he pumps in her faster I turn the vibrations higher and continue to thrust. Then I see a light turn on out of the corner of my eye and get super wet for my new audience.

Enjoy The Naughty Show as I Enjoy Awakening My Burning Sensitive Core!

Just as the guy pulls her on top of him I see a shadowy figure appear at their balcony door. The excitement of someone watching is exactly what I needed so I turn my vibrator on the highest setting and start my clit stimulator. I turn the volume up on my T.V. to echo her moans out of my door. Then I put my head back and let my neighbor enjoy the show.

While she slams her pussy onto his thick mature cock I slam my vibrator as deep as I can into my burning sensitive core. I arch my back with pleasure as my body prepares to reach a pinnacle. Right before I cum I take a quick glance out my door and can clearly see the shadowy figure enjoying themselves. Knowing that I time my orgasm perfectly to hers relaesing my juices and covering my sheets. As I pull the toy from my dripping pussy I clean it off finishing my naughty show. Standing up I give my neighbor one final look at my naked body before closing my door, deciding if I want more!

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