“That, Chiquita, was your first orgasm.” He kissed my hand. “Are you ready for another?” I smiled and nodded yes.

I pulled Chris on top of me and kissed him once again. I could taste my sweet pussy on his tongue. I reached down and stroked his already hard dick. I rubbed it up and down between my pussy lips. “I’m ready baby.” I told him. “I want you to put it in.” Chris started to slowly push his dick inside my pussy. I winced at the pain and left scratches on his back. I could feel tears drifting down my face as I realized I was losing my virginity to the man I love. Chris’ dick started to feel good in my pussy. He started to stroke me faster. I started to moan louder! It felt so good, I wanted more. I wanted Chris to fuck me in every way possible, and I told him so.


Chris pulled away from me and walked over to my patio window. I followed behind him, as he opened the sliding glass door. We stood out on my patio with the heavy rain beating down on us. Chris picked me up and put me on the edge of the railing. I was scared and tried to hop down. “Don’t worry, baby, I won’t let you fall.” Chris held on to my tiny waist and began to thrust his hard dick deep in my pussy once more. I wrapped my arms around his neck and screamed his name at the top of my lungs, “Ah, ah! Chris! Chris! Oh, yes, Chris!” The rain beat down on both of us while he slammed his dick into my newly opened pussy. Students going in and out of the dorm could see us hanging from my balcony. I heard a few cheers here and there, but it didn’t matter.


Chris was working me over something fierce and I could feel another orgasm rolling over me. Chris never stopped, he never slowed his pace. He knew just what I would like and was determined to make me cum. I threw my head back in the rain in ecstasy. I looked down and saw how high up we were. That’s when I remembered my insane fear of heights. Seeing how high up we were, and Chris sucking on my nipples while he fucked me sent me over the edge. I screamed at the top of my lungs, “Ohhhhh God! Chris! Chris!” My cum wet up Chris’ dick. He never stopped, my pussy started to squirt. It got all over Chris’ stomach and thighs. He moaned my name, “Ohh, Sasha baby” before bringing me off the balcony. Chris pulled his dick out of me slowly and started to stroke it quickly. “Ohh, Sasha I’m about to cum baby.” I want to please Chris just as much as he’d pleased me tonight. I dropped down to my knees and wrapped my juicy lips around his cock. I sucked it as fast as I could, taking his dick as deep down my throat as I could. He held onto my head as he moaned my name. “Ohhh Sashaaaaa”.  He relieved all of his cum in my mouth. I choked a little, but made sure I swallowed it all, not a drop spilled. Chris led me back into my room and we wrapped ourselves in towels. We both crawled into bed.

“Chris that was amazing!”

“And it only gets better from here Chiquita”, he kissed my forehead and held me as I drifted off to sleep.

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