Sara’s Teacher Sends her A Dick Pic

My art teacher said he needed my phone number for his records.  I looked up at him as I was drawing, a bit confused. He was busy looking at my tits.  Why did he need my phone number? Later that night I found out why. He sent me a dick pic of his hard dick. He probably jerked off as soon as he got my number. So he probably took it when he excused himself and went into his office.  Guess what I did with that pathetic cock photo?

I painted and drew a whole series of his dick pic. I made charcoal studies of his veiny shaft, shadowed his full ball sack and painted his purple head. Then I labeled the whole collection of art, “Mr. Johnson’s Dick Pic sent to Sara, May 2015”. I wouldn’t tell him, but the dick pic turned me on. I love getting dick pics and I love to masturbate to them.

The next day, I told him I wanted a private critique before showing my work to the class. He turned beet red when I laid out my work. I then told him he shouldn’t send dick pics to students. He promised me he would never do it again and he said he would give me an A if I didn’t tell anyone. I told him fine, and he could keep the artwork.

Later I got another text from him asking what I thought of his dick. I told him it was ok but too small for my taste. That was the last text my teacher sent me- but he did give me an A!

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