One of my guys asked me if I would wear boys underwear for him. I thought it was an odd request, but I am always up for something new. He didn’t want me to wear men’s boxers, which I have in the past. He wanted me to get some tight fitting cotton briefs with the opening in the front. He also requested ones with cartoon characters.

Hmmmm…I was getting a bit turned on by the idea.

I went to Target and found boys underwear. So many to choose from! I picked out some blue ones with spiderman on them. I was actually getting a little wet imagining what it would feel like wearing boys underpants. I went home and slid them on. They were snug-fitting and soft. I slid my fingers into the slit in the front. I think I was getting why my man wanted me to wear these.

When he came over he started to undress me. He spotted the blue lining of my underwear and got very excited. He slid my jeans off and looked at the spiderman underwear against my flat belly. He had me lay back and he pulled open the slit and started to finger my wet pussy lips and clit. He put his face down and devoured my pussy. He was so turned on- and so was I! He stroked his hard dick while he ate me out for a long time. I came inside the little boy underwear. He came all over my stomach. He asked me if he could keep the little boy underpants stained with my cum. I said of course! I hope he has a lot of fun with them.

Good thing I bought extras!

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