Do you want to know what makes me squirt? You need to really show my pussy some real love for me to squirt. I need you to get down between my legs, spread me out and put that tongue deep inside me. Work me up with your fingers and go deep.  Find my g-spot and massage it. You can get a little rough with me. I want you to make my pussy quiver until I cannot stand it!

Now  I want to feel you pound me hard and long  with that rock hard cock, until I completely lose control. When I cum so hard, I will squirt for you. I don’t ejaculate every time I cum, and honestly I don’t know what triggers that sweet milky cum to release like that.

The first time I squirted, I spent a weekend in bed, fucking and sleeping and having a blast. He could not get enough of my body- and I was totally  turned on by his too. He claimed his huge cock was 9 1/2 inches and although I did not take the time to measure- he probably wasn’t lying!  This guy worked me all night long. He worked my clit and pussy until the orgasmic waves were almost too much for me to handle. I felt I was going over the edge of a waterfall, when I released my cum. The bed was soaked.  It was amazing how he got me to squirt.

Sometimes when I am talking with a guy on the phone and he tells me what to do with my fingers and vibrator- I can actually squirt!

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Do you think you can make me cum so hard I ejaculate?  I would love to try to with you!

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