I was 12 when I went to an all girls summer camp. It was a lot of fun. Swimming in a lake and sleeping in the fresh air was nice, and even at 12 years old, I got turned on by the cute girls and their warm wet skin. One day when we had an afternoon break, my new friend Tara and I decided to go into our tent. I loved Tara’s body. She was just getting tits and I was a bit jealous. I was tempted to reach over and touch them. I started to take off my clothes as Tara watched me.

She started to do the same. Without saying anything, I laid down on my cot. I put my finger inside my mouth and I slowly ran it down my flat stomach and onto my tiny bald pussy lips. I asked Tara if she ever touches herself. She said no, gazing at my fingers moving slowly over my clit. I started to masturbate when I was little so I knew what turned me on. I licked my fingers again and started to insert on into my pussy. I stared at Tara’s perky young tits and her sweet wet lips as I moved my finger in and out of my tight virgin cunt. I started to moan as I found my sweet spot. I moved faster and deeper. It felt sooo good! Tara laid on her cot and followed my lead. Once we both came, we giggled and Tara came over to my cot and we shared my sleeping bag. We kissed and explored our bodies until we fell asleep. We awoke to the dinner bell. We quickly got dressed and joined the camp.

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