Sara gets felt up on a Plane…and gives Back

I went back to Wisconsin for a few days and had a blast! On my trip back I was hungover and exhausted. A family boarded and everyone was seated in the row in front of me except for the teenage son. He had the middle seat in my row next to me. I wasn’t really paying attention, I put my eye mask on and fell asleep…until I felt his hand creep up my thigh. I was about to get felt up on a plane!


So I thought “what the fuck.” Was I going to have to get mad and tell his parents about their naughty perverted boy? Then I started to feel a little tingly and wet, so I thought, why not make the most of it? The poor kid looked a bit sad and geeky. Why not give him a thrill? I pretended to be asleep while I let his hand softly explore my lap. I was a short skirt so I uncrossed my legs for him. Then I felt him creep up into my panties. Behind my eye mask, I could see he was nervous and excited, totally fixated on my crotch.

I moved my blanket over his hand slowly and guided it into the side of my panties.

I gave him a little smile, keeping my eye mask on, I let him put his finger inside of me. When he was too rough, I took his hand and helped him move it gently inside and out, up and down, feeling the soft warmth of my pussy. I was so turned on. I spread my blanket over his lap and started to rub his crotch. He was so hard! I pulled his cock out stroked it a  few times. He let out a grunt and he came on my hand and in my blanket. I quickly wiped him off with the blanket and put his cock back in his pants.

He pulled his hand away from me as the flight attendant was announcing we would be landing soon.

His Mom turned around and started to chat with him, making sure he was ok. We didn’t even make eye contact till it was time to get off of the plane. He helped me with my overhead bags and mouthed to me “thank you!”

I blew him a kiss and we were both off to our next adventures!