Santa’s Sex Toy Workshop Manager Fucks Santa and Krampus!

I became Santa’s sex toy workshop manager because I needed the extra cash for the holidays. What? You didn’t know that Santa even had a sex toy division? Well, listen up. You’re about to get schooled on the ABC’s of all things Christmas. Ahem. ADULT Christmas, that is. LOL. Take a seat, pull your dick out, and let’s get started, shall we?

First of all, when you’re looking for work, it seems to find you. At least, that’s my personal experience. So, I flipped through some Craig’s List ads and saw one that I thought was surely a joke. I called and set the appointment for the next night right after my day job. I arrived at the address, but I was a bit hesitant to get out. It wasn’t that it was a bad neighborhood; it was just dark and foreboding. Yeah. I just hoped to return home alive!

Santa’s Sex Toy Workshop was at a Weird Location!

I rapped at the door to what looked like an old rusty warehouse and waited patiently for a reply. Slowly, the door creaked open and I was looking to see who (or what!) might have answered. It all reminded me of Brahm Stoker’s Dracula, “Enter freely and of your own… volition”. Yeah, shivers. Santa’s Sex Toy Workshop my ass. I’ll add this job to my taboo sex stories!

“Joey Z?” came a booming voice.

“Y-y-y-ye-s-s”, came my shakey reply.

The door swung fully open, nearly toppling me; and what I saw made me burst into laughter. A tiny, hobbit of a being with the voice of Zeus! I felt much better knowing I could take the little guy if he got janky on me. Haha. When I stepped inside it was like a wonderland! Christmas lights twinkled from tree-branches, stacks of dildos, fuck machines, collars, and every type of paraphernalia for a rocking sex-life were on full display. I had to fight the urge to full-on smile. ‘YES’ was running through my mind!

Santa’s Workshop Gets Hotter!

“Right this way” came the voice again. I tore my eyes away from the “toys” and walked through another doorway. Right into some sort of dungeon, though, it too was twinkling with innocent lights. So, this was Santa’s Sex Toy Workshop! Santa was seated in an over-stuffed armchair, while Krampus stood. They were identical except, that Santa wore only his hat and it was clean. Krampus, on the other hand, wore a filthy hat and still wore his giant, grimy boots.

“Time for your interview”, Krampus croaked at me. “Get naked, Bitch!”, he continued. As if hypnotized, I was naked like 1-2-3! Both cocks rose to greet me. I found myself on my knees with both cocks in my hands and stroking  Krampus as I instinctively started sucking at Santa. “Oh, GOD! I’m gonna enjoy splitting you every night, Joey!”, Santa managed to get out before calling on GOD again.

Santa’s Sex Toy Workshop Management Job is Now Taken!

I can’t remember all the deets, but let’s just say, I’m hired for LIFE! Krampus pulled up the rear shoving his filthy dick into my ass while stroking my clit with his fingers. Santa was happy to remain seating while gently stroking my hair. He truly is a jolly old elf! (Wink) Swallowing cum isn’t a requirement for the gig, but it’s a BONE-us. I showed the unparalleled skills on my resume. l listed that I’m great with oral communications. Plus, I do sizzling hot teen phone sex on the side. So, it’s perfect training for this job! It also makes for the start of some hot phone sex.

A good hoe is great at customer service! Since I fuck more than one man at a time, I work well with others… a real team player and a multi-tasker! They both came fast, so I’ll add to my resume, I have the ability to get the job done in a timely fashion! LOL. I was fucked every way but loose, but I snagged the best gig ever. Quality control is big. So, guess who’s toybox is FULL of “samples”? Call me now!


Just Joey

Santa's Sex Toy Workshop