Well, it is that time of year for Santa to show up with gifts for everyone. It is also a time to spread joy among friends and family. Of course, as Santa’s naughty GILF, I am also spreading my legs!

That’s right, the joy I am spreading is lots of kinky and amazing sex. And, with all my skills and experience, all those I play with leave with a smile on their face.

Being a dirty cum slut has its advantages. I know exactly how to please the people I play with. It doesn’t matter if it is a man or a woman, I know all their spots.

I make the top of the bad list as Santa’s naughty GILF.

In truth, my fun is all year long not just during the holidays. I just get to put on cute outfits during this time of year. I love wearing only a bow for a hot rendevous.

Most of my “fuck” friends are wild like me. However, some need to be pulled into my web. For instance, my married neighbor, June, is such a sweet thing. She tolerates so much all year long.

She needs Santa’s naughty GILF to give her a real climax. Her hubby is a real dick and leaves her needing more after sex. So, I am seducing her today when we hang out.

I see the way she is checking me out and know she is ready for the fun.

This time we are getting together at my place. That way, I have the home-court advantage. She will be at my mercy, so to speak. For our luncheon, I have some amazing wine as well.

Then, drinks for after lunch. I will have her loosening up for me in no time. She knows I am a huge fan of Granny Lesbian Fun. She is ready for Santa’s naughty GILF to show her a new way to have fun.

Of course, I have been wanting to do this for so long. However, I do not want to push her before she is ready. I want her to be receptive so we can have fun for the long haul.

Santa’s naughty GILF likes to have quality lovers around all the time.

And, I have known once she sees the fun of being with me, she will want to play again and again. Her husband also cheats on her and she knows it. She doesn’t care.

When we hang out, she tells me she appreciates his lovers for keeping him busy. The more time he is with them, the less she has to fuck him. She told me he is a crappy lover.

I can’t wait to show her what an amazing lover Santa’s naughty GILF is. We are done with lunch and relaxing with drinks. I am sitting beside her and put my hand on her bare leg.

June looks into my eyes as we stare at each other.

I ask her if she is ready for something different. Smiling, she tells me she is. I lean in and kiss her passionately. She kisses me back and Santa’s naughty GILF pussy is immediately wet.

Taking her hand, we stand up and move back to my bedroom. We undress each other. Then, move to my bed and start to make out. She is eager to learn and explore my body.

I kiss down her body and spread her legs. She lets out a moan as I start kissing her pussy. This is going to be an amazing afternoon! Want to hear the rest? Call me for the best GILF Phone Sex!