I guess it was bound to happen. Santa Learning I’ve been Naughty ALL Year Was Fait! However, All those nights getting fucked and Sucking unknown guys was worth it! I’ve had the time of my life being the Naughty Little Slut I am! Getting these Holes stretched has been Priority one. However, It doesn’t matter who they are as long as that cock is to Size! Santa will just have to realize that I’m the Cum Whore of his dreams! Although, I think he found that out the night he came down my chimney.

   Santa’s Learning I’ve Been Naughty ALL Year

I sat and waited for Santa to climb down that Chimney. Dressed in my Cute little Red and White Teddy. Those Red thigh highs and White Heels as well that he brought me the year before! Knowing Santa was on his way! I planned on showing Santa exactly how Naughty I’ve been all year! I sat right by the fireplace eating those cookies I made just for him! However, He had another tasty treat to eat that was All nice and wet!

Footsteps Sturring on the Rooftop

I knew it was time for action. Although I awaited him at the Fireplace on my knees. For that Lip Smacking Blow Job that Santa Needs.  I saw Santa’s boots come down. I knew it was my time to shine! I’ve waited so long to pull down those Jolly pants of his. Once his Pants hit my view I popped that Cock out and Started My work! Santa got an extra treat at my house! Feeling those lips slide up and down his cock making that Pole shine, Although I knew Santa loved it I wanted more! The Greedy little slut I am couldn’t help it! I haven’t been Naughty ALL year for Nothing!

Working My way to be on the Good List

Santa Knew this wasn’t the kinda house you give just any gift to. He took me under that tree and Bent me over. Lifting that skirt up and Slid that cock into me, I begged Santa to Pound that pussy hard and right. However, Being Naughty All year was what I needed to be! Santa just grab my hips rode me like his sleigh. Faster, Faster Santa I screamed! Santa I need That cock to guide my Night! I’ve waited so long to fulfill that dream. Santa I knew you were just right!

Being Naughty ALL year was paying off!

Santa was pounding and pounding away. Then I felt Santa Pull out and Say Ho-Ho-Ho as he slammed into that ass. Saying that’s a hold Santa can Slide down fast. As He Rode that hole all the way down. However, I could feel Santa Swelling up and not going to last. Santa Plunged deep Saying Merry Christmas to you and All a Good night! As quick as I blink he was Back on the roof Saying On Dancer, On Prancer, On Rudolf on to the next Cum Slut for the night! Santa has Many Many more Cum Whores to Please let’s be quick we can’t miss these!

So the lesson to learn is Being  Naughty ALL Year pays Off! Don’t miss the chance to be with your Favorite Phone Sex Operate this Year For More Christmas Cheer!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!