Santa Claus Is A Jolly Fuck Boy: Who Knew???

It Twas the night before Christmas and all through the house, my pussy was throbbing as I tossed and turned on the couch. I tried my best to get some rest as I laid my hand on my soft plump chest. What would Santa do if he saw me like this? Licking my lips without any Christmas gifts.

Would he have pity on me and give me what I wanted or put his cock in my mouth and let me lick all on it? I had been a naughty girl all year long, I hoped he would see nothing wrong with getting my freak on. As I looked upon my barren tree I thought sweet Santa had forgotten me.

That’s when it happened with a stir and a rumble when old Kris Kringle appeared before me without whisper or mumble. His command was short and straight to the point, suck his cock long and many gifts he would anoint. I jumped on my knees as fast as he pleased and sucked Santa’s cock. No lube was in need.

“You’re a ho aren’t you Carmen?” Santa said with a grin. I sucked and agreed, as I had been with many men. I licked and I sucked like a good little slut as he tried hard not to bust his huge nut. But my lips were too sweet for his long meat. He made me gag loud as he shot his skeet deep.

Santa enjoyed my talent and I did well to flaunt it. He kept his word and gave me every gift I wanted! It was the best Christmas Holiday I’d ever had. I can’t wait for this Christmas time to come to once again make Santa Glad!

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