Christmas Dick from St. Nick
Santa slid head first down my chimney
I was there to greet him with my warm wet pussy
I told Santa “he gets no milk and cookies”
Instead, he has to taste my sweet cream and nookie

He moved his white beard to the side
Then he stuck his tongue deep inside


After a few thrusts, he slid it up to my pearl
Gently giving her a few swirls

I apologize to all the little girls and boys
This year Santa will be late with y’all toys

You see…..when my letter reached the North Pole
It read “Santa cum block my moist pink hole,
I’ve been a very bad girl this year
I need you to stop by with Rudolph and the other reindeer”

Oh, wow! I can’t believe I’m fucking St. Nick
Your jolly sweetheart ass know how to work the dick
I really wanted to be naughty and nice
So, I sucked Santa’s dick without thinking about it twice

Santa begins to sing…

You better watch out
I’m going to make you shout
I’m not pulling out
I’m from the North, not the South
I’m about to shoot this cum in your mouth

Santa Claus is cumming, right now!
Santa Claus is cumming, right now!
Santa Claus is cumming, right now!

Ok, Santa! It’s time for you to get back on your sleigh
I know you have to get on your “merry” lil way
My, my, my…..that was one hell of a lay!

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