rock star BJ


My Mom hates almost every decision I make. She is going to be pissed if she finds out I am doing Phone sex now. Fuck it.

Was it my fault she was a loose Star-Crazed Groupie fucking every band that came through her little town? Hell, she doesn’t even really know who my Daddy is. Obviously I got her slutty genes. Now she is all religious and hates the fact that I am living this Rock and Roll Sex Crazed Life. My  sex obsession started pretty early- my Mom would let my “Daddy” take me on the road with him- mostly so she could have time to fuck richer hotter guys than him.  This dude wasn’t really my Daddy but just a roadie who wanted to get inside my Mom’s pants…and then mine. He did teach me a lot of naughty games. I learned how to DOMINATE with him. He would do anything to taste my sweet little pussy. I would make him do things to show how much he adored me. I would take him to the edge and make him wait. Sometimes I made him watch me fuck the band. What a loser. I still make him buy me things.

I started craving cock early, seeing all of the those big snakes bulging out of dude’s jeans. And then unzipping their pants and pulling out that sweaty hard rod after the show…mmmm I get wet just thinking about it.  I would pull out the lead singers dick first of course…spit on it and lick it till he moaned. My little hands wrapped around that huge thick cock,  stroking it slow and easy. My pretty young big eyes begging him to cum in my mouth… after him, I was always up for pleasing the whole band. I am happiest drenched in Sticky warm cum!

I learned mad skills on the road. Call me a dirty slut or sleazy whore..I love it!

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