Same sex marriage? Not interested.

Whenever some self-congratulatory liberal news spot starts talking about “same sex marriage,” I can not help but roll my eyes. Polyamorous pansexual perverts (like yours truly, of course) are too sexually “fringe” for those tired assimilationist politics.

John Waters once said in an interview he had “more fun when it was illegal to be gay.” White picket fence, minivan, and 2 points whatever kids? Nah, I’ll pass. Joining the military? Fuck no!

What’s “wrong” with “our society” these days? I’d rather see the anal sex lose it’s taboo-ness than advertisements for Olivia cruises with two smug, well-to-do looking middle class white lesbians. Oh, or one more episode of The L Word. Boring!!

One of the reasons I enjoy phonesex so much is that it’s inherently outside the bounds of “normal” space and time. It’s not procreative, it’s about sexual pleasure for its own sake. It’s kinky. And it lends itself to more interesting, more taboo fun if you ask me!

Same-sex marriage feels like a symbolic gesture to make homosexuality more palatable to straight people. Do not get me wrong, I have a lot of compassion for those heteros (and homos) practicing that (tragically bland) lifestyle. 😘

My dream event for honoring and celebrating a committed partnership (which I do find quite beautiful) would not include bridesmaids’ dresses. Maybe a giant party . . . or maybe a giant orgy? Maybe say our vows while oil wrestling? We could still eat cake . . . maybe off each other’s naked bodies?

Call my no taboos sex hotline to hear more of my filthy, smutty ideas!! I am full of them . .


Phone Sex Kingdom Nicole Burke