I ate my first load of cum when I was 15. I didn’t mean to. Thought it was disgusting and I never thought I would get used to the slimy texture. Since then I have become a cum guzzling whore!

The first time was when I was going down on this guy in an alleyway. He was a hot black Jazz Musician, He played the trumpet. I watched him play in his tight jeans, and opened shirt, getting all sweaty. His cock was bulging out of his pants. His mouth puckered up around that instrument- I wanted to see how he woud go down on me. I wanted those lips on my pussy bad. I also wanted his cock. Imagined how it would taste in my mouth.

After the show, I was waiting for him at the back door of the club.  I made friends with his limo driver, and found out where I could find him alone. When he came out I felt nervous and excited. He was my first black cock! I walk right up to him and told him I was a huge fan and I wanted to give him a blow job. Just like that.

He smiled at me- stoned and pleased with himself. “Ok Little girl”, he said. We walked around the corner and he unzipped his pants. He pulled out a huge long black cock. I had never seen such a huge dick before. I bet it was 11-12 inches! So I actually got nervous. I took it in my hand and felt the hugeness of it. He laughed when I looked up at him. “Take it baby.” Take it all in”. I started to lick and suck his cock. I was determined to give him the best blow job he ever got. Then I spit on it, and moved my tongue all over the shaft and the head….it twitched and got harder as I kept working on it. I put it deeper and deeeper into my throat. He was loving it, thrusting it deeper and harder.

As I made it wetter, I felt more liquid in my mouth. I didnt know what it was at first, but soon I realized as he grunted and moaned he was cumming in my mouth! Within seconds my mouth was filled with this man’s load! He stopped thrusting his cock inside of my mouth and pulled out. I still had a mouth full of cum. I looked up at him, and held out my tongue showing him the load. Was almost going to spit it out, but I changed my mind and I swallowed that sticky slimy mess.

He smiled and said he was very impressed. Then he took me to the limo and ate my pussy in the back seat. His mouth skills were better than I imagined!

After that, I have craved the taste of cum. Let me eat your cum and be your cum guzzling whore! You will not regret it!


Phone Sex Kingdom Nicole Burke