Rim Job Virgin- Samantha gives a straight guy his first Rim Job

I was out partying with some friends on New Year’s Eve. We were all sitting around downing shots, talking shit about whatever came to mind. Of course, as the shots kept coming, we started talking about sex and what we are into. The straight guys were bragging about blow jobs and fucking girls. Typical straight guy bragging, about the pussy they get…pretty vanilla sex if you ask me. I asked this guy Matt if he ever had anything up his asshole. “No way- I am not gay!” He replied. “It doesn’t mean you are gay, dude. It just makes your cock harder and your orgasms more intense.” “Fuck that shit.” He grunted. ” I will never let anyone play with my asshole.”

I smiled at him and decided I had a mission that night. Then I bought him another shot. When he was pretty drunk I told him I wanted to give him a blowjob in the bathroom. He stumbled into the men’s bathroom following me close. I told him to pull down his pants. “Oooh I am getting one of Sam’s famous blow jobs!” He bragged to the guys pissing in the room. I smiled and watched him trip out of his pants. He pulled down his boxers and presented his limp cock.” Jesus, Matt. That is pathetic. ” I sighed.  “Just do your magic, Sam.” He grinned and shut his eyes.

“First bend over. Let me reach from behind.” I said.

He leaned over the sink and I spit on one palm and started to stroke his dick. I licked my finger on my other hand and moved my finger between his ass cheeks. I found his asshole and started to massage his anus. “What the fuck???” He gasped.

His cock started to twitch. “Relax,” I said.  I bent down and put my face near his ass as I continued to stroke his hardening dick. I took my tongue and made circles around his asshole. He moaned as his asshole was getting stimulated by the gentle motion.  The dude’s cock  got rock hard and then exploded all over the guy at the closest urinal. “Fuck,” He said. “Fuck Samantha, you rock!” The guys in the dirty bathroom applauded my efforts.  Now I am getting calls from the other guys at the bar that night for some ass play with Dirty Samantha!

Lesson for the day: Straight Dudes should not fear the rim job or ass play!

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