I learned about Bukake when I was 14. I would sneak back to the clubs dressing room when my Dad worked security for rock clubs. My Dad would kill me if he knew what I was up to. I was obsessed with dudes who played in rock bands and would do anything to get their attention. I had a blast drinking with the boys in those dirty rooms. One time the drummer told me that the guys wanted to have a circle jerk. I begged to watch. I didn’t know what it was but was eager to find out. The drummer told me to stand in the middle of a circle the guys made. They all started to unzip their jeans and pull out their cocks. I was nervous. I had never seen their cocks before. They told me to take my t-shirt off. I nervously pulled it over my head…and they all saw my little bra and tiny tits. I was told to get on my knees. The cement ground was hard and cold. The boys were getting hard. I watched them move in on me, cocks in hand. They started touching my cheeks and hair and tits with their hardening cocks. the boys started moaning and then they all exploded their sticky warm cum all over my hair and face. The man goo dripped down onto my bra and stomach.

The guys laughed and cheered and told me not to tell anyone. I never did…until now.

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