I think “safer sex” can refer to masturbating safely (and more satisfyingly), too.

What would safer sex practices during phone sex look like? I think guys who enjoy anal play and prostate stimulation while masturbating are sexy. Sadly, some stigma seems to be attached to this auto-erotic fun for men. I want your experience of pleasuring yourself to feel good — i.e., I want you to use LOTS of lube!

Phone sex is already the only (actually, 100%) safe sex. Nobody’s getting pregnant or any STIs during our naughty chat — yet another reason I fucking love phone sex. I want you to play with your asshole for me. I don’t want you to hurt yourself or accidentally cause that tender skin to rip in the heat of the/our moment, though.

When you cum make my sex hotline bling, have your trusty lubricant bottle on hand. Even in your other hand, preferably! When I hear a new caller confess their penchant for fingering their asshole (maybe for the first time out loud), it excites me. But when a caller reveals they don’t have any lubricant (or are using petroleum jelly), it shocks me. There’s no time or place where it wouldn’t be savvy to be able to whip out some lube. I keep some in my purse!

Do not use hand cream or petroleum jelly. Sexperts agree: a water-based lube is a way to go. I use coconut oil, personally. Since I’m bougie (and a longtime vegan, lol) I opt for the organic virgin cold-pressed variety. After switching to coconut oil I haven’t looked back at KY jelly or any of the other brands since. Plus it’s nice to have around for cooking, moisturizing, and, well, basically most everyday life stuff.

Let’s have the best phone sex possible. Eight bucks for a glass jar of fancy coconut oil is worth it!


Phone Sex Kingdom Nicole Burke