He knows I can’t resist his sadistic delicious torment.

The rope pulled tight over and under, spilling my breasts, tied down in an intricate harness, fastened in knots that are positioned deliberately at the lower point of my V, over my clit. I can feel every strand of fiber separately teasing and rubbing. I am bound tight in his sadistic delicious torment. His hands reach from where he fastens the arm binding style harness at my back and massages my jutting-out breasts. They’re not only exposed but captured fully, alive, and ripe for extreme sensations. So, he rolls my nipples between his thumbs and fingers.

He easily lures me into his web of sadistic delicious torment.

He leaned over my shoulder to attach the weighted clamps. Oh, so tight. Light kisses to balance the almost sheer skin stretched at the side of my neck, eyes rolling back, head stretched to the side to offer him the taste of my flesh there. His kisses are fluttering over my skin, kissing away the bite of the clamps. He feeds off his sadistic delicious torment of me. I’m distracted by his mouth and fingers roaming over the skin that seeps through the pattern of ropes.

Slipping between my legs, he feels the wetness already pooled there.

He slides the toy inside, submitting me to more of his sadistic delicious torment. I sigh heavily. He pats the rope against my tortured pussy once it is back in place, tight and holding the toy inside. Coming round in front of me so I can see his beautiful face. He looks into my eyes and smiles an evil smile laced with his sadistic delicious torment. He then eases me back, so I am laid flat, face-up, bound arms beneath me. Clamp weights pull painfully down to the sides and my poor nipple flesh with them.

I want him on top of me.

I want to be free to run my fingers all over him, have my mouth around him before riding him so hard. But I want to be bound by his sadistic delicious torment even more. He picks up the control and sets the toy into motion straight to the highest level. Fuck! I want to grab him and dig my nails into him and demand that he fuck me with every fiber of his being. But I lay gagged, clamped, and teased by his sadistic delicious torment.

I feel myself coming to the edge.

As a result, he switches the toy down to the lowest setting. I could cry. Laying down next to me, he pleasures himself as I watch with tears in my eyes. He’s teasing me quite brutally, but this is what I want. He leans over to kiss my stretched lips around the rubber ball within my open jaw. A hand appears to pinch a nipple, then pull on the weight. All of my movements send the knot deeper into my clit, rubbing firmly. I don’t know whether to squirm or remain still. The sense of confusion distances me from reality, but not from his sadistic delicious torment.

He’s so close to me. I can feel his heat.

He props himself up by my side to look into my eyes, enjoying my discomfort yet the strange, perverted bliss I derive from the pain. He says nothing, not even shushing my moans anymore. Willing the tears to fall, he loves it when I cry. The toy barely buzzes inside me, and it’s driving me crazy. A good hard-core fuck would be great right now. I want more! I’m sulky inside. Frustrated little kitten all tangled up, claws put away. He snuggles up beside and whispers, “I wonder how long those batteries will last?” A horrified whimper is my reply. With his mouth up against my ear, I can feel him smile. He clicks the light off. I lose myself in the darkness, to the sensations, the perversion, to his sweet, sadistic delicious torment. 

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